Beauty Box 5 – Mystery Box

Okay so, I’m a sucker for deals. I’m always perusing the sales racks for things I saw months ago hoping I’ll see it again with a 50% off sticker adorning the tag. I also love getting mail. And beauty products. So, I had a mighty hard time resisting 50% off my first box from Beauty Box 5. You too can get this deal if you live in Canada by entering the promo code ‘HALFOFF2CA’ on your first box. I had heard of this box before, but had never been compelled to try it until now. The regular price for the box is $12 with $3 shipping to Canada, which ends up being the same price as Ipsy.

When ordering, there was an option to purchase a $30 mystery box, but I didn’t select it because I’m not a sucker. I did however select the option for the $10 mystery box because I am, indeed, a sucker.

Anyway, here is what I got.


Nothing like a fresh, new beauty box!!



This little doohickey is used to hang dry your make up brushes after washing. This would be very useful if I was only washing one brush at a time, and let’s get real, I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl. It’s also only big enough for eyeshadow brushes. Regardless, I will test it out.


Lip liner? Bonnebell? This colour? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I’m really looking forward to trying this. I like anything that says it will cleanse away my impurities. If only that applied to my personality as well. JOKES.


Okay, y’all, now this I looooove. I love these colours. I love the soft feeling of the powder. I cannot wait to use this.




This is going to be super useful, especially for an upcoming trip.

I had seen all of these products in previous Beauty Box 5 unboxing blog posts, because I have had some slow days at work lately, and I’ve looked at a looot of posts. Anyway, 2 out of 3 products I’m stoked about, 2 I’m not stoked about, and 1 that I’m not overly stoked about, but is super practical. Not bad for $10.

You too can sign up for Beauty Box 5!


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