Exploring the Unknown; My Fantasy Football Debut

I’m not made for fantasy sports. I’ve played fantasy baseball once, and I came 6th out of 12 in the league without making a single move all season. No seriously, I had a pitcher on the DL for a majority of the season, and didn’t bother to move my line up around. As a fairly self-awareish person, I understand my flaws. These include my lack of clairvoyance and my tendency to get emotionally attached to players and/or teams, which make me a terrible fantasy player (and causes me to take Jose Baustista as my first pick EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.)

This year I’m saying ‘screw it’. I’m overlooking these flaws, and my complete lack of understanding of fantasy sports and playing fantasy football. Backed with only the knowledge gained from reading this book a little guiding from my older brother, I got myself a team. It’s in a league with some friends who will only slightly rib me for my terrible decisions, and there doesn’t seem to be any harsh punishment for losing, so I was in.

Well, I’m sure you want to hear about my drafting strategy. It was one that took hours upon hours of research. I looked at statistics for each player in the league. I looked where everyone fell in previous drafts. The pros and cons of each player were not overlooked. I made sure that each player’s schedule fit my needs as well.

Juuuuuust kidding. I let autodraft take the lead on this one.

I was working during the draft and I figured that autodraft would do a better job at creating a team than I ever would. I was right on that one, even if I ended up with approx 17 running backs. I had to do a little finagling of my line-up and some shopping on the waiver wire, but here is my team as of right now.


Is it the best line up? No. Will it hold its own? I have seriously no idea. But it’s possible, and that’s all a girl could ask for. I’ve already made some questionable decisions AKA dropping Ray Rice. Was it just because of his recent troubles with the law and morality? Sure. Am I going to try to justify it using other logic? ABSOLUTELY. Well, he’ll be out of my line up for the first few games, and he’s not even my best running back, so BYE BITCH. Also, I needed another QB or 2 because my starter’s ligaments have the durability of a fabrege egg.

Anyway, it should be a fun(?) season. I hope there will be some football Sunday snacks involved.


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