So Your Bracket is Busted; The Definitive Guide to Moving Forward


The first weekend of March Madness is over, and you are left staring at the smouldering mess that is your bracket. We all knew that we would not leave the round of 64 or 32 unscathed, but none of us knew how much it would hurt, or that teams like Dayton would burn us so bad. We knew that our bracket strategies were flawed, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Here are some tips to stop your wallowing over your busted bracket;

– You may not be winning the billion, but don’t worry, nobody else is either. By the end of Thursday’s play, there were 11 people left in contention. By the afternoon; 3. By that evening, no one had a bracket left intact.

– You still have a chance to win your group. I mean, I’m sure SOMEONE chose Syracuse to take it all, and you’re probably doing better than they are.

–  Baseball season is coming up soon, focus on your draft like that. At least there you have 6 months to retool and rework your line-ups in order to take your fantasy league. If baseball isn’t your style, just wait for football.

– You can take solace in the fact that most people also chose Duke to win in the first round. Only like, 3% of people chose Mercer.

– Just jump on another Bandwagon. Were you hoping Kansas was going to make it to the finals? Me too, but now I’m all-in with the team that truly has my heart, SDSU.

– There may have been quite a few upsets so far, but I’m sure your bracket isn’t TOTALLY done for. MSU still has a chance! Louisville is still killing it! There is still hope!

– There is still time to send your Snacket to me!!

The tournament is definitely not turning out how anyone expected, but that’s why it’s madness, right?

It could be worse

It could be worse


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