Bachelor in Paradise

'you broke my heart, but I'll have the last laugh. I'm probably going to be on another faction of the Bachelor franchise.

‘you broke my heart, but I’ll have the last laugh. I’m probably going to be on another faction of the Bachelor franchise.

We were all devastated when we heard last summer that everyone’s favourite show that was a mix of Big Brother and Temptation Island, Bachelor Pad, wasn’t coming back. For the three summers prior, we watched some of our ‘favourite’ Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants ever fall in love, get in fights, and cause a whoooole lot of drama. The third season provided us with one of the greatest moments in reality television history, with Nick deciding to take all of the money for himself.

The reincarnation of Bachelor Pad will be entitled ‘Bachelor in Paradise’. Instead of heading back to the STD-laden mansion is Malibu, filming will take place abroad. We will get 6 episodes of Bachelor and Bachelorette cast-offs hooking up trying to find love in a tropical locale. According to the official press release, we can expect ‘new twists, shocking surprises, unexpected guests and some of the most unlikely relationships in Bachelor history.

So, now that we have that out of the way, we can now start in on cast speculation. I would have to think that Kelly the dog lover from this latest season is a lock, thanks to her sass. I could definitely see Clare being there too, to be the token ‘I’m here to find my soul-mate’ cast member. I’m sure we’ll also see a pretty, yet a little more boring girl like Elise or Chelsie from Juan Pablo’s season. From Sean’s season, no one is really jumping out at me as shoe-ins. Tierra would be dynamo, obviously, but I don’t know what she’s up to these days, or if she is still engaged. Maybe, Jackie? She was one of the girls who visited Des in Spain during her season, no? I’m sure we will see some women from older seasons, and I could see them bringing back Bachelor Pad alumni, Jaclyn and Rachel.

Now, for the guys. I would loooove to see Brooks back, solely for his swoonworthyness. I think Drew could also be there for the male ‘I’m here for love’ spot. Michael was on the stage for the latest Bachelor finale, so he’s probably going to be there. Unfortunately. There will definitely be a handful of, as of right now, unknown suitors from Andi’s upcoming season.

The show will probably debut soon after the finale of the next Bachelorette (premièring on May 19), and I am soooo looking forward to it.


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