March Madness Snacket

The time has come once again for sports lovers young and old to fill out their NCAA Basketball championship bracket, regardless of previous basketball knowledge. Sports fans across the continent fill out their brackets for fame and glory, and the opportunity to beat out Barack Obama in at least one thing. Even though I’m a basketball fan, I must admit that I don’t follow college basketball that closely. I tend to only pay attention to the Canadian players (what up Nick Stauskas!), but I decided to fill out a few brackets this year for the first time. While filling out these brackets, it came to my attention that this type of tournament could be held for one of my favourite things; SNACKS. So I present to you the inaugural March Madness Snacket.


Send me your Snacket picks Before March 27. From there, I will use your picks to decide which snack moves on to the next round.

If you have correct pick moving onto the Sweet 16, you will get 1 point per correct snack. If you have a correct pick moving onto the Elite 8, you will get 5 points per correct snack. For the final 4, you will get 7 points per correct snack. For the final 2, you will get 10 points per correct snack. If you correctly pick the winner, you will get 13 points.

When setting up your bracket, the winner of the F&F conference will face the winner of Sweet Treats, and the winner of the Classics will face off against the winner of Healthy Fare.

Whoever has the most points at the end will be the official Snacket winner. Their prize will be eternal glory in the world of snacks, at least in my eyes.

Send your picks to me via twitter or one of the email addresses listed on my contact me page. If it interests you, send it in a google doc.

Here are your conferences;

Fast and Foreign

sweet treats


healthy fare

Make sure to get your picks in ASAP! Don’t forget to send me your weekly #snackchat pick each Wednesday!


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