love 2 LOVE is the latest offering from Judd Apatow, found exclusively on Netflix. It’s pretty much exactly the kind of show I want to watch. It’s a romcom AKA my fav, it’s usually never longer than 30 minutes, and I can watch it all in one night. Yes, yes, instead of watching the Oscars, I completely annihilated this series. Sorry, I’ve never seen any of those movies.

This show has been critically acclaimed, which is not usually something I need to watch a show, but it can help when I’m already interested. It stars Community’s Gillian Jacobs and numerous nerdy roles’ Paul Rust.

love It follows the meeting and relationship of Mickey and Gus, who both just went through break ups. They’re each struggling with how to deal with them. Gus is known for being ‘too nice’, whereas Mickey comes off as selfish, and self-destructive. Even though the characters have real-life, unlikeable qualities, it doesn’t translate into unwatchable television due to their unlikeability, (looking at you, Girls.)

LOVE shows the ping pong-like relationship between Gus and Mickey in a way that could be construed as predictable, but in a way that I really, really enjoyed. I thought both the main characters were well developed, as were the many excellent secondary characters.

Take an evening and watch LOVE, it’s an easy, fun, relatable show that I thought was just great.




Broad City

broad city Guys how did you not force me to watch this show sooner? I wanted to watch it, but just never really got around to it and that was a MISTAKE. It is quite possibly the best show I have ever seen. It is funny and relatable and feminist as hell and Hannibal Burress is a straight up babe.

The show follows IRL BFF’s Abbi and Ilana living their bestish life in the great NYC. Ilana is the wild one, where Abbi, in comparison, is reserved. Ilana encourages Abbi to break out of her shell, and Abbi encourages Ilana to like, maybe try and go to work sometimes, maybe.

Luckily for me, it’s available on Crave TV and I don’t do anything on the weekends, so I finished it in about two days. Good thing, the new season starts TONIGHT on Comedy Central. The thought of a new season fills my heart with joy, especially since according to the preview, Blake Griffin will guest star this season. Y’all know how much I love an athlete cameo. Wait, did I ever tell you that? Well now I am.

Anyway, Abbi has new bangs and a new job by the looks of it, and Ilana seems the same, which is all we could want from her.

If you, like I once was, are living in a sad, cruel world, literally stop what you’re doing this second and watch Broad City.

broad city 2

Scream Queens

scream queensI don’t normally go for anything horror-related, but I have a hard time saying no to pop culture phenomenons. Except Game of Thrones, I’m never getting onto that bandwagon.

This show is the latest jaunt from Glee/American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. He collected a gaggle of your favourite teen queens, dressed up in nice clothing, and put them on TV to be murdered/not murdered, depending on the pop star.

It follows a freshman, Grace, and a sorority of probably the worst people humanly possible. I don’t know much about sororities, as Greek life isn’t super popular and/or existent in Canada, but I don’t believe murder is usually a part of pledge week.  The sorority is forced to accept anyone who pledges, due to their history of being stone cold awful to everyone ever.  The murders are believed to be in connection to a horrible incident that happened 20 years prior.

It’s cleverly written, and you love to hate pretty much every person on this show as well as newsboy caps. I don’t love the gore, because I’m a total wuss, but it’s a show I will continue to check out from week to week. Also, because I’m desperate to know WHO IS THE DAMN RED DEVIL!!

Next to Watch

There’s a number of shows I’ve been meaning to watch for a while, but when I get a spare let’s-start-a-new-show moment, I kind of forget everything I wanted to watch, and go for an episode of cut throat kitchen. So this list is mainly for me to remember what it is I wanted to watch.

Catastrophe – This is a Brit com that finally made its journey across the pond by way of Amazon Prime. It’s stars beloved twitter comedian, Rob Delaney, and Sharon Hogan, and is following the lives of two people who came together thanks to an unexpected pregnancy. It is hailed as one of the best comedies of the year.

Royals – This is a soapy drama about the lives of the Royals. Not our beloved Will and Kate, but a very heightened, dramatic version of what the Royal family could be.

Younger – It’s Hillary Duff’s return to the small screen in a show about a woman who is mistaken to be younger than she actually is, and just goes with it. It’s gotten really good ratings, and has been recommended to me by many.

Married – How did it take me so long to hear about an FX show starring Judy Greer and Nat Faxon? Who knows, but this is near the top of my must-watch list.

Almost Royal – Okay, so I like shows about the Royals (I Wanna Marry Harry, anyone?). The commercials alone for this one had me LOLing repeatedly. It follows two royal children who visit the United States. This one is atop my list of things I need to watch ASAP. It just started this month, so it won’t be difficult to catch up on.

True Detective – I know I’m super behind on this one. The first season was critically and fan-acclaimed. The new season just started with Vince Vaugn, Colin Farrell, and Rachel McAdams. With a manageable 8-episode season, I could probably get into this one.

UNreal – I’ve already seen one episode of this show, that spoofs the production of my beloved Bachelor franchise, but I need to keep going! I’ve heard that the drama just keeps heating up.

So those are the shows I know I need to watch. What else should I have on my list?

The Bachelorette – The Top and The Bottom

Tonight marks the beginning of the new season of The Bachelorette. As everyone knows by now, they will be starting with two women as the bachelorettes, and then the men will choose who they want to pursue at the end of the night. ABC is trying to stretch out this cheap gimmick by making the premiere a two-night event, with the audience finding out which woman was chosen at the beginning of Tuesday’s episode.

Just like the premiere, this post is all about the guys. I give you my picks for the top and bottom of the pack. This was an ‘interesting’ draft class to say the least. Let’s get on with it.

The Top



He’s cute, has a good job, and we can assume by his ‘who would you have lunch with’ answer, that he is a funny guy. I think he could easily charm Britt or Kaitlyn.

Ben H


I feel like he could be the douche of the season, but he is easily the best-looking guy in this cast, which will definitely carry him through at least a few weeks.



A guy from Denver? That just means he’s cool and easy-going, perfect for either of these women. He’s one of the older suitors, which would be good for Kaitlyn and Britt.

The Bottom



Stop lying, we know you’re not 30. I can’t see him moving past the first night.



Something tells me he’s not here for the right reasons. Also, I didn’t realize anyone loved Chris Martin that much.

Shawn E

Shawn E

Three words: Amateur Sex Coach.

You can meet the rest of the cast here. Be sure to check out the pre-season podcast where we dissect all 25 men with Survivor’s Kelley Wentworth ( and make sure to vote for her for Survivor; Second Chance!). As always, follow me on twitter, @hstrong_, for all your live-tweeting needs.

Survivor – My ‘Second Chance’ Ballot

UntitledLast week I wrote about my first thoughts about the upcoming ‘Survivor: Second Chances’ season. I mentioned a few of my picks, but now I’ll let you in on the rest of my ballot. Because I know you’ve just hanging on the edge of your seat. This post is mainly for me to remember who I want to vote for each day, because I will 100% forget, and my choices would change on a daily basis.

The Women

  1. Theresa Cooper – Theresa was a lot of fun in her original season. She was unexpectedly cunning and cut throat. In a cast that’s probably going to skew a bit older, she would likely have a great chance  to make it far if she got on the island.
  2. Peih Gee Law – She was one of Todd’s antagonists in ‘Survivor: China’. She was spunky and smart, and should have been brought back a long time ago.
  3. Monica Padilla – She wasn’t included in my original vote ballot, but this interview turned me around on her.
  4. Natalie Tenerelli – I might get a little flack for this vote. Natalie was basically a non-entity on her original season. Let’s not forget she was 19 then. Five years is a lot of growing time, and she seems to have learned from her mistakes. I would like to see what she could do now.
  5. Abi Marie Gomes – She’s an absolute firecracker who is going to make big moves, and would be excellent television.
  6. Ciera Eastin – SHE VOTED OUT HER MOM. REASON ENOUGH. I can’t see her not being on this upcoming season, but she should be worried about gaining the trust of her tribemates.
  7. Tasha Fox – She was the whole package – smart, physical, and social. She got on the wrong side of numbers but fought really hard to get far in the game.
  8. Kass McQuillan – Not everyone’s cup a tea, but you have to admit, she was a huge part of what really made ‘Survivor: Cagayan’.
  9. Kelley Wentworth – MY GIRL. I always support my former winner picks, especially if they talk about The Bachelor with me.
  10. Shirin Oksooi – Again, throwing support behind another former winner pick. She’s fun, excitable, and a super fan. I really do think she will be able to rein in the fandom the second time around and focus on the game.

The Men

  1. Jeff Varner – I get a little bit of old school nostalgia with Jeff. I’d like to see him out there.
  2. Andrew Savage – Loved by the casuals, hated by the hardcore fans. My boyfriend would be upset if he wasn’t included on my ballot/
  3. Shane Powers – Another person who should have been brought back a loooong time ago.
  4. Terry Dietz – Terry was a powerhouse in his first season. He is still in rockin’ shape.
  5. Stephen Fishbach – He blew it in the final tribal council, and he’s spent the subsequent years proving to survivor fans that he knows what he’s talking about on Survivor Know-it-alls.
  6. Vytas Bauskaukas – He has a compelling back story, and he can do a handstand. Need I say more.
  7. Spencer Bledsoe – He’s young, he’s fun, he’s smart, and he’s got the recency bias on his side. I am not alone in loving Spencer on his original season, and I certainly won’t be alone in voting for him to come back.
  8. Jeremy Collins – He was targeted immediately after the merge because he was a threat, and there is a chance he wouldn’t have even made the jury if Julie McGee hadn’t quit. I’d love to see him and his abs back.
  9. Joe Anglim – Man bun.
  10. Max Dawson – He’s a superfan who got caught up in BEING on Survivor the first time instead of getting his social game in order. Also, he’s the only one to have posed for a prom photo with me.



The Snubs

I didn’t throw votes to Kimmi and Kelly. It would be great to see people from the very early seasons play again, and I would have no qualms about seeing either of them play again, but Kelly’s interview actually turned me OFF of voting for her. She doesn’t seem to evolve her game play with the way the game itself has evolved.

I would love to see Mike play again, but he probably wins this season anyway. I really like Carolyn too, but she fell just short of my ballot. Same with Sabrina. If I got two more votes, they probably would have gone to them.

I’m a haaaaard pass on Troyzan and Brad Culpepper. I didn’t like them on their first seasons, and I doubt I would like them a second time around.

Make sure to cast your votes here! Let me know on twitter, @hstrong_, who you’re voting for.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

kimmy 1If you have yet to hear of this show, you’ve probably been living in a bunker for 15 years. So get the local SWAT team to rescue you, sign on to your best friend’s netflix account and get to watching.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comes to us from the beloved Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. The two famously teamed up as the creators of NBC smash hit, and one of the loves of my life, 30 Rock. This show was originally due to air on NBC, but they sold the show to Netflix where all 3 episodes debuted on March 7, 2015.

kimmy 2The show follows the life of Kimmy Scmidt, a woman who was rescued from a bunker in rural Indiana from the grasps of a post-apocalyptic-believing reverend and cult leader. On a press trip to New York City, she decides to stay and try and rebuild her life in the big city. She gets a job, goes to school, and kind of finds love along the way.

I absolutely loved this show and binged it over a weekend. It has the same clever humour that you loved in 30 Rock, and the packed-full-of-jokesness you adored in Arrested Development. For such a dark premise, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is surprisingly uplifting and bright. I thought it was a lot of fun to witness her journey in NYC and trying to figure out how live her life in 2015. I definitely recommend checking this one out.

Listen to Mike Bloom and I talk about the show in depth on the Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt season 1 recap over at Post Show Recaps.