Broad City

broad city Guys how did you not force me to watch this show sooner? I wanted to watch it, but just never really got around to it and that was a MISTAKE. It is quite possibly the best show I have ever seen. It is funny and relatable and feminist as hell and Hannibal Burress is a straight up babe.

The show follows IRL BFF’s Abbi and Ilana living their bestish life in the great NYC. Ilana is the wild one, where Abbi, in comparison, is reserved. Ilana encourages Abbi to break out of her shell, and Abbi encourages Ilana to like, maybe try and go to work sometimes, maybe.

Luckily for me, it’s available on Crave TV and I don’t do anything on the weekends, so I finished it in about two days. Good thing, the new season starts TONIGHT on Comedy Central. The thought of a new season fills my heart with joy, especially since according to the preview, Blake Griffin will guest star this season. Y’all know how much I love an athlete cameo. Wait, did I ever tell you that? Well now I am.

Anyway, Abbi has new bangs and a new job by the looks of it, and Ilana seems the same, which is all we could want from her.

If you, like I once was, are living in a sad, cruel world, literally stop what you’re doing this second and watch Broad City.

broad city 2