Buffalo – Babes, Brews, and Baseball

I wish I could say I was sorry that most of my posts here are bachelorette or baseball-related, but I would be lying to you.

My friends and I thought it would be a fun activity to have a girls’ night at a Bisons game. It’s cheaper and closer than to haul ourselves up to Toronto for the day. Plus, with not all of my friends having an in depth knowledge of baseball, I thought this would be better. It is also much easier to coordinate a trip to Buffalo into all of our busy schedules.



Before the game, we headed to the Pearl Street Grill and Brewery for dinner. I’ve been wanting to hit up this restaurant for a while now after passing it like, a bajillion times on the highway.




We got our entrées after a few drinks and and some complimentary popcorn. I got the fish tacos, because, obviously. I love how every restaurant creates a different thing, so I have to try them all. These tacos were bombbb. They had blackened catfish with a jalapeno aioli, and slaw. The tacos were fabulous, and everyone else had positive things to say about their meals as well.


We headed to the baseball game and settled in our seats before the first pitch. Throughout the game, we each got a few drinks and snacks. I couldn’t pass up a cup of soft serve ice cream with sprinkles.













The Bisons lost the game 5-0 to the Syracuse Chiefs, but it was a fun time regardless, A few of us even made it on the big screen!




The Bisons are back


Spring is here and so is baseball. I’ve missed it a heck of a lot. I’ve missed the atmosphere, the popcorn, and the warm weather. I’m still waiting on that least one, but at least I had some popcorn. The Buffalo Bisons, the Toronto Blue Jays AAA affiliate, came back into my life yesterday at 2PM est when I attended their home opener.


it was a little too chilly for my favourite jersey, but the thought was there


It was chilly, but we were dedicated, as were hundreds-to-thousands others (I’m bad at estimating). For a weekday, afternoon game taking place in 7 degree weather, the turn out was pretty good!


The Bisons were set to take on the Rochester Red Wings, the Minnesota Twins’ affiliate team. Prospect Marcus Stroman was starting for the hometeam against Canadian Scott Diamond. The early innings were rough for both teams, making a few errors each and missing some key pitches (we can just blame the cold). Regardless, the Bisons pulled out an early lead that they kept for the remainder of the game.

those not starting didn't leave the dugout without their toques.

those not starting didn’t leave the dugout without their toques.

Stroman started off his season with a solid 4 innings of work

Stroman started off his season with a solid 4 innings of work

I was excited to see a Canadian in the game!

I was excited to see a Canadian in the game!


Anthony Gose also started his season off right

fan fav KAWASAKI

fan fav KAWASAKI

Kevin Pillar goes up to bat

Kevin Pillar goes up to bat


The Bisons won their home opener 6-3. It was great to be back to watching live baseball, even if I was shivering the entire time. A video of last year’s season highlights reminded me how much I was looking forward to the summer. I’m excited to catch a bunch more games this summer, and I hope that both my Bisons and Blue Jays make it to the play-offs this year. A girl can dream, right?

I love the buildings in DT buffalo

I love the buildings in DT buffalo