The Bachelorette – Final 3 Power Rankings

So, we weren’t able to release an episode of the podcast this week. That’s not to say one wasn’t recorded, because it WAS. Unfortunately, due to tech issues on both mine and Amy’s ends, the episode was lost. Neither of us had availability to re-record the episode. To make up for it, I thought it would be fun to bring my friend Matt Liguori over here to do some power rankings.

Matt has been doing power rankings for this Big Brother season every week – I even joined him last week! Without further ado, here they are.


Haley – Bryan – it feels like a given at this point. The only problem is that Bryan SUCKS. I haven’t bought his schtick all season long and I’m still not buying it now. Even Rachel thought he was a douche when she first met him, unfortunately somewhere along the line she stopped thinking of him as a douche. They have the most undeniable chemistry out of the three remaining guys, but that kind of chemistry doesn’t always extend into a long-lasting relationship, as demonstrated by 85% of the couples fro, this franchise. Even Rachel’s family was sketched out by him, and I don’t totally believe he completely won them over in the end. Bryan’s win seems undeniable, but we’ll see how long it lasts.

Matt – Bryan – In preparation for the home stretch, I went back and re-watched the season premiere. Turns out, Bryan and Rachel had tons of sparks right off the bat. Bryan not only got the first impression rose, but he was also the first guy to kiss Rachel. If you believe in “love at first sight” or at least “liking each other a lot at first sight”, you saw it between these two lovebirds. What surprised me is that it took so long for Rachel to take Bryan on a one-on-one date. If I’m trying to get into her head, I’d say maybe she knew she really liked Bryan, and knew she’d eventually get to his one-on-one, but wanted to give some of her other top picks a chance before she went on one with her top choice.

Bryan’s a polarizing guy. The reaction from those I’ve heard from either love him or hate his guts. He has no shortage of confidence and that comes across poorly to a lot of viewers, and seemingly a little bit to Rachel’s family. All throughout Bryan meeting her family, however, Rachel stood up for Bryan and her family took note. You can tell how much she cares about him.

They say nice guys finish last, so for those of you who are anti-Bryan because Peter and Eric are so sweet and Bryan sucks… just remember that. If I recall correctly, Jordan has a similar reaction amongst Bachelorette fans last year on Jojo’s season.


Haley – Peter – Rachel would love to pick Peter, but she’s just not sure if he’s ready to propose, which is really her main goal here. Their main disagreement stems over the fact that he feels proposal is the step before marriage whereas Rachel just feels like it’s a continuation of dating. Uhhhhhh what Rachel? Sorry I’m on team Peter here. I mean, we make fun of these couples for breaking up because of course they do when they’ve been together for 6 weeks, but then we get disappointed when people on this show act rational. Peter is definitely trying to act rationally here. If he doesn’t get chosen in the end, he seems to be the most likely candidate to be the next bachelor. He’s a little bland to be the lead IMO, but he’s definitely the fan fav here. If he’s not the one to win this, it’s because his apprehension to propose to Rachel at the end.

Matt – Peter I’m anticipating a worldwide heartbreak in under two weeks, as we watch Rachel send home the guy America has fallen in love with. Well.. the guy they’ve fallen in love with the second-most. (Hey Dean!)

Peter and Rachel’s relationship has always had red flags, as much as we all want to ignore them. The problem is, Peter is a normal and rational guy who understands the complications of “falling in love” over such a short time period and ending up engaged to somebody you didn’t know when the calendar year started. This show isn’t made for rational people who think that way.

There’s no denying Peter and Rachel have some genuine feelings for one another. Peter was given the first one-on-one date, so you know Rachel has had her eyes on him from the start. Their relationship just hasn’t seemed to take that final step. He couldn’t even ask her mother for permission to marry Rachel, because he wasn’t fully comfortable with it yet. That’s totally cool and fine, but for a woman who has to make up her mind on which man she wants to propose to her for the finale of one of the most popular reality shows on television… it may not work out so well. The battle of Dean vs. Peter for the next bachelor should be interesting, unless one of the Bachelor in Paradise guys rolls through and steals the spotlight again.


Haley –  Eric – it makes me so sad to put him in third here. He has become my favourite in the last few weeks. Him and Rachel are so fun together and he’s not a total skeeze like Bryan is. I also think he would make a better lead than Peter. He’s just a more dynamic guy that would provide for a very different and interesting season. I’m keeping my hopes up that Eric will pull a Catherine Giuduci and be the surprise winner at the end.

Matt – Eric – What would a final three be without an underdog? Eric has been hanging by a thread all season long. He’s got a connection with Rachel, but I really don’t see it as a romantic one. Eric and Rachel seem destined to be “really good friends”.

It was a little sad to see him finally break down that barrier and drop an “I love you” when we’re getting the idea that Rachel’s feelings for the other two guys are much stronger. Eric’s inexperience is hurting him severely here. He’s trying, and nobody can say he isn’t, but this all is coming a lot less natural to him than it is to Peter or Bryan.

Clearly Matt and I are on the same page when it comes to Rachel and her men. Which kind of shows how transparently they are broadcasting the winner here. Don’t worry, Amy and I will be back this week to cover last week’s episode, plus the men tell all. Until then, follow me and Matt on Twitter. Special thanks to Matt for joining me!


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