Influenster Revlon Voxbox – Mega Multiplier Mascara

Whenever I have to buy a new mascara, I drag my feet. It’s just not FUN to buy mascara, you know? I’d rather buy a 30th purple lipstick that I will use 3 times in a year instead of invest in a nice mascara that I will use literally every single day.

I also have a very hard time spending more than 10$ on a mascara. Any high-end ones I’ve tried have been samples or have come in gift sets. I have yet to find a high-end mascara that is so life-changing that it has been worth the price tag.

Luckily, just as one of my favourite mascaras (CoverGirl LashBlast Fushion) ran out, Influenster and Revlon were kind enough to include me in their latest voxbox and sent me the new Mega Multiplier Mascara complimentary for review.

The Mega Multiplier claims to be flake and smudge free, water resistant, but easily removable, and gives an oversized ‘mega multiplied lash look’.

I find that what you want from a mascara really varies from person to person. I like a mascara that is very black, has a plastic applicator rather than a natural bristle one, and lengthens and separates. I don’t like when my lashes get clumpy or heavy, and I don’t enjoy when a mascara is too hard to get off. I have been using the Benefit Roller Lash for the last few months since I got it in a holiday set, and I find it’s a little too clumpy and it stays on for a week. The latter part might be my fault because I am v lazy.

The mascara that was sent to me was ‘blackened brown’ which I was slightly disappointed (but not that disappointed because I got it for free, you know) that it didn’t come in black or blackest black, because I find that gives a more dramatic appearance.

I wore this mascara for about two weeks straight, and I really like it. It maybe doesn’t lengthen and volumize as much as I might want, but it makes for the perfect every day mascara for me personally. I don’t wear mascara on my lower lashes, but I think it would work very well for that. I do find it easy to remove – just dampen with warm water and you can more or less kind of pull the mascara off your lashes because it’s one of those tubular ones (don’t worry, you won’t pull off your lashes in the process.)

Overall I liked it, and I would probably rebuy this, but probably in a darker colour.

Thanks to Influenster and Revlon for sending this to me. If you want to see my reviews on the other voxboxes I got, click here, and if you want to join Influenster and get some awesome free stuff to, click here.


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