Eulogising Nick as The Bachelor

nick and vanessa 2

Another season of The Bachelor has come and gone, and Nick has himself a fiance. He chose Vanessa as his one, which wasn’t a shock to me.

I’ve appreciated their chemistry from early on, and she’s exactly what we’ve come to learn as Nick’s type. I liked Vanessa and I think they make a good pair.

I’ve seen a lot of people’s affections for Vanessa fall, while rising for the other finalist Raven. I get this! I totally do! Raven is awesome! Vanessa seemed to not be interested in this whole situation! But here’s the thing, it’s possible that editing gave Vanessa a lot of those moments so it wouldn’t be so obvious that he picks her.

There’s also been ‘drama’ surrounding Vanessa that she has an IMDB page  and the girls might not love her! Do we actually care that Vanessa has an IMDB page? Come on guys, all of these people wanted to be on TV. Whatever.

I don’t know if this is going to all work out for them, but I wish them the best.

Nick and Vanessa

I have enjoyed this season a lot. As much as Nick could come off as disingenuous at times, it also meant that he had a good understanding how TV works and it made for a compelling season.

The best part of this season was the women. God, this was such a great cast of girls. They were interesting, independent, smart and fun. Any of them would have made a good Bachelorette, and I’m looking forward to seeing a slew of them on Bachelor in Paradise.

I’m looking forward to seeing Rachel as The Bachelorette, but I am hoping they found some better guys than who we saw on After the Final Rose.

Catch of my finale thoughts on the latest episode of The Bachelor Rhap Up. Until next season, follow me on Twitter, @hstrong_.


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