Survivor: Game Changers – The Cast

Game Changers
The new season of Survivor is coming soon (yes that show is still on), so that means they have released the new cast! This season’s theme is ‘Game Changers’, and is a term used, uhhh loosely, for some of these cast members. These are players who have made a real impact on how the game has evolved and Sierra Thomas. So here is who I’m excited about, meh about, and eye rolling at.


Sandra – Say what you will about her actual game play and strategy, but she is the QUEEN and a pantheon-level character.

Aubry – She is great, and I’m excited to see her get another chance to play. She’s smart, a good player, and gives great sound bites, what more could you want?

Cirie – She’s my all-time fav. I can’t wait to see her play again.

Tony – Love him or hate him, he played one of the most exciting games in the history of Survivor. If he can bring even a fraction of that fun to Game Changers, it should be great.

Jeff – He came out of the gate hard in Second Chances, but third time could be the charm for Jeff. It seems he’s learned from his past mistakes.

Malcolm – Malcolm is my favourite version of ‘cool bro manbun dude’ and I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

Michaela – We were ROBBED that Michaela got voted out so early last season.

Zeke – I`ve seen a lot of people coming in low on Zeke, but it might be a benefit that no one has seen him play.

I mean, okay why not.

Andrea – Don`t get me wrong, I like Andrea quite a bit. I just wasn`t clamouring to see her back.

JT – He’s fine and all, but I would have preferred some other winners over JT.

Ciera – She’s definitely the preferably Ciera/Sierra on this season, but I don’t know if she TRULY understands the game, nor do I think she will be able to build trust.

Hali – She’s one of the one’s we’re asking ‘why are they here’ about, but what I like about Hali is that she is asking that about herself too.

Sarah – Sarah is fine. But I think it says a lot that I had forgotten about her and had already moved onto the next section.

Ugh, really?

Caleb – I didn’t like him on Big Brother. He was only redeemable in Koh Rong because they can’t give a guy a bad edit who nearly died. Right?

Troyzan & Brad – I can say the same thing about both guys. WHY bring back people who the audience clearly didn’t want to see based on the Second Chances voting???????

Debbie – Her pre-season interviews are shady with no reasoning. Also, she sucks.

Ozzy – We’ve seen his schtick.

Sierra – It’s truly difficult to fit her into the ‘Game Changer’ title. The most upsetting part is who we could have seen instead – like Natalie, Sophie, or even Chelsea would have been an improvement.

Instead of following my heart for my winner pick, I’m going to follow my head. I think that Hali is going to win this season because of course she will. She’s the type of person who always wins these returnee seasons.

I am really looking forward to this season. All-star seasons are always fun for me because I can see all of my favs interact. Follow me on Twitter all season long for live-tweets every Wednesday. Or maybe Thursday if I find myself with plans on a Wednesday.


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