Your New Bachelorette is…

Rachel Lindsay

rachel pic

I am of two minds about this.

First Mind

I am VERY excited they picked Rachel. It’s nothing to sniff at that she will be the first black lead on this franchise. IN 33 SEASONS. It’s frankly absurd it hasn’t happened yet, but we’re here now. Rachel is a 30-y-o lawyer from Texas. She is smart, beautiful, elegant, well-spoken, great, wonderful, etc etc etc etc etc etc. She’s a fantastic choice for a lead, and I am very much looking forward to seeing her ‘journey’.

Second Mind


Rachel has not yet been sent home from this CURRENT season that she is CURRENTLY on, effectively spoiling the season. I would not put it past anyone here that Rachel is in the final two. Hopefully, this isn’t the case, but you never effing know. I mean, they spoiled the ending of Bachelor in Paradise with announcing Nick as the next Bachelor. They almost always announce the next Bachelorette on the After the Final Rose Special, so why didn’t they just do that? Or even the Women Tell All? Or if they’re really desperate, WHY NOT JUST WAIT UNTIL SHE GOES HOME.

Some reasons could be:

  • They need a different range of people to apply for the show
  • Spoilers were coming out, and they wanted to get ahead of the chatter
  • Or, as it was eloquently stated to me on Twitter


So anyway, I’m excited but like, also annoyed. Which I think is just my resting state. Anyway, check out the podcast and follow me on Twitter for Bachelor mild takes.


One thought on “Your New Bachelorette is…

  1. Jenny says:

    I think it’s an expansion on the “time to pat themselves on the back” theory.

    Finale is set for March. I think they wanted to be able to announce the first black lead while it was still Black History Month. Once they knew the decision was made and they could capitalize on this (gross, btw) — they thought they should announce sooner rather than later while there are still enough other variables that spoiling Rachel not being Nick’s pick won’t be as bad.

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