Is Corinne Even a Good Villain?

Like I know we don’t like her that much. I know the girls in the house aren’t dying to give her a bff necklace, but is she really a good villain?

I know we’re supposed to buy her as the villain, that’s clear. I’m sure that her Twitter mentions can back this up.

Here’s the thing, I think being a solid reality television villain requires some semblance of self-awareness. Russell Hantz knew he was a villain. Evel Dick knew he was a villain. If you’re looking for an example closer to home, let’s look at Chad Johnson and Courtney Robertson. All of these people had an idea that, even though they were the hero of their own story, they probably wouldn’t be portrayed that way on television.

Some even TRY to be the villain (hi Chad). I think that Corinne falls into a different category of bachelor villains, one that tends to be reserved for the women of the show.

A question was posed to us on the podcast this week about the female villains and how they rarely return on the show. We haven’t seen a return trip from Courtney, Kelsey, or Olivia. I doubt we will. I think that Kelsey and Olivia were blindsided by their villainess. I don’t think they were self-aware about how their story was going to be presented to the audience.

Which brings me back to Corinne. I don’t think Corinne was aware of how she may be presented. And it doesn’t seem like Corinne is particularly cruel to the other women, or that they deeply despise her like we’ve seen in the past. They’re just annoyed with her. We aren’t really seeing her talk shit about the other women. She’s too busy being focused on herself.

Which is why she’s the villain here. She’s so focused on her relationship with nick and how she’s not afraid to do whatever she can to get what she wants – because she’s used to getting what she wants. She’s young, she’s sheltered, etc.

Sure she’s annoying and it’s difficult to believe she’s a real person, but I don’t think she’s a true reality villain.

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4 thoughts on “Is Corinne Even a Good Villain?

  1. Jeremy F says:

    Nah, she’s not a villain. Maybe if she realized like you said, how she’s perceived, but she’s more about “I want it nanny” than “How do I win this game by any means necessary?”

  2. Jeff says:

    That’s a very nice way of putting it, Haley… she’s too focused on herself to realize she’s the villain. She also lacks intelligence and common sense which is why she’s likely oblivious to how she’s benign portrayed. And she sets a bad example for women, especially young women. She regresses progress that’s been made for women’s rights every time she speaks or acts on the show and has little self respect. Doing everything for the wrong reasons and using her body/sex to impress instead of personality, to which she has displayed none so far. I know they need a villain for ratings but I can’t believe Nick would keep her longer than the first round and the other women are right – what does he really want? Sex or love? It sets a bad example for what relationships should be all about. Women deserve better than that!

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