Nick is Going to be a Great Bachelor

A new year is here, and that means a new season of The Bachelor is just around the corner. This season is sure to be an interesting season, thanks almost exclusively to the choice of the lead, Nick Viall.

TWO! MORE! WEEKS! #thebachelor

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This was surely not a popular pick. Nick was not beloved on his two stints on The Bachelorette and the producers had a slam-dunk-middle-America-will-love-him pick in Luke Pell, the fourth-place contestant on Jojo’s season. Luke even had the plane ticket to go to LA for his leading role. But here’s the thing, Luke would have been terrible and Nick is going to be amazing. Here’s why.

While on Bachelor in Paradise, he proved he could be a likeable character, contrary to popular belief. We enjoyed watching him fall for Jenn, become friends with the twins, and attempt to fill Amanda in on what a douche canoe Josh is (RIP Amandosh 2016-2016). He changed the opinion of himself in the eyes of a lot of the audience. He turned us all into believiallers.

Nick has been here before, and he’ll act like it. Two season of The Bachelorette and a stint in Paradise means that Nick understands that this is a television show. This may be a detractor for many people, but because of his experience (in more ways than one,) it means he knows how to make compelling television. Which is truly what we are here for.  Nick is a smart cookie, he’ll do what it takes to make this entertaining.

But the best thing about Nick is that we’ve never had a Bachelor quite like him before. That’s a good thing. You may love your Ben Higgins, Chris Soules, and Sean Lowe, but you can not tell me they are great television characters. But Nick is, and has been since his first run at this whole ‘finding love on TV’ thing. He’s a bolder, brighter star than we’ve seen before, and I personally cannot wait to watch him.

For my opinions on the ladies vying for Viall’s love, check out the season preview podcast where we’re joined once again by Big Brother Canada’s Jordan Parhar. As always, you can tweet along with me every Monday night – @hstrong_


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