The weather was nice, the sun was shining and I thought it was time for a vacation. My friend Emily and I decided to take a trip to Montreal. As she lives on the east coast, and I in Ontario, Montreal seemed like a good meet-in-the-middle point, and I had never been!

It wasn’t hard to fall head-over-heels for Montreal. The old stunning old buildings, an abundance of shops, and so many food items that you just HAVE to try.


On the first day, we did a lot of walking around. Like, I crushed my previous best on my FitBit by 10,000 steps a lot. We couldn’t get enough of exploring the old town.







We also paid a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts because it was free for people under 30. That’s where I found a piece of art I really connected with.


The next day we did a hike to the viewing point at Mont Royal. Here’s a tip, don’t wait until noon on the hottest possible day to do it.


We stumbled across the Alouettes season opener, so we thought we had to go. We didn’t stay for the whole game because holy hell was it ever long. I don’t know if I’ve even been to a baseball game that was that long.


Our last day was spent wandering around, appreciating the amazing street art on Blvd St Laurent.



I had high expectations for Montreal, but they were still blown away. I loved this city, and can’t wait to go back!




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