Niagara Restaurant Round Up

I have been hoarding pictures of food on my phone for a while now. Instead of doing a food pic friday collage with all of these photos, I decided I would give the low down on all the restaurants that were photographed. In all these restaurant’s case, I have been there at least once before, so I will give you the scoop on those visits as well.


This is my favourite grab-and-go Mexican place in Niagara. My usual is the fish tacos, which are crispy. I love adding the pineapple salsa to them when available. I’ve tried a few other things there, like the chicken and the shrimp, but I always end up back with the fish.

The Works

My favourite type of food is twists on food I already know I like. The Works is great for that. I love burgers, and they have a lot of variations. I’ve gone probably half a dozen times, and have never gotten the same thing. I’ve gotten the Crappy Tire (pineapple, brie, and bbq sauce) on both chicken and beef, the Sk8er Boi (peanut butter, onions, and bacon), the Dead Ringer (onion rings, bbq sauce, and brisket). My latest trips, featured in the photographs, brought me to the Gotta Have KD (kraft dinner and cheddar), and the Surf and Turf ( beef and shrimp patty, arugala, shrimp, goat cheese, and a pineapple salsa). My favourite has been the Surf and Turf, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that KD burger since early January.

the works 1

the works 2


This place is Fonthill’s newest (and only???) Hawaiian restaurant. Before I have had the fish and chips, the fish has a coconut beer batter and the fries are outrageously good, and the Teryaki Burger, with pineapple and a teryaki bbq sauce. I love pineapple on savoury items, and the burger patty is one of the best. On my latest trip, I got the wonton soup to start, very reasonably priced and a great little starter, and the Kalua Pork Plate. For the sides, I got the beans and fries. The pork was great, as were the fries, but the beans are passable. Maybe try the macaroni salad.

mokus 1

mokus 2

The Brickyard

If you hop across the border to the other Niagara, you’ll find a great little BBQ place in the heart of downtown Lewiston called the Brickyard. My family has been hitting this place up for years. The food is insanely reasonably priced and tastes even better. I find it hard to drag myself away from the bomb brisket, but when I do, I get that sweet, sweet pulled pork.

the brickyard

Taco N Tequila

The first time I came here, I wasn’t overly impressed with my shrimp tacos, rice, and beans. I went back not too long ago for a charity dinner and my opinion was completely changed. This place has the largest margaritas in Niagara. So naturally, I got one.


We were so full from our oversized bevs, that it was hard to consume our delicious meal. I had the bean soup to start, a beef burrito which I could barely eat a third of and finished the next day for breakfast, and some churros that we took to go. Is there anything better than churros?

taco n tequila


Kully’s is a perfect place in downtown St. Catharines to meet up with your friends and eat some highish end pub food. Last time, our group of 7 took part in a cheap burger deal that no longer exists. This time, my eye was caught by the Chili Lime Pulled Pork and Mac. It was a pulled pork sandwich with a DEEP FRIED MAC AND CHEESE BLOCK. It was so unbelievably good OMG. It was worth the month I lost of my life eating it.



Another high end up, this time, located in Fonthill. They have an unreal beer selection if you’re into that. Twice I got the fish and chips, which have an apple cider batter, and I’ve enjoyed it both times. The last time I got a burger with a crab cake on it. YAAAS QUEEN. It was great.

Well, that’s about it for now, I’m sure I’ll have another restaurant round up soon enough. In the meantime, let me know what your favourite Niagara restaurants are.


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