love 2 LOVE is the latest offering from Judd Apatow, found exclusively on Netflix. It’s pretty much exactly the kind of show I want to watch. It’s a romcom AKA my fav, it’s usually never longer than 30 minutes, and I can watch it all in one night. Yes, yes, instead of watching the Oscars, I completely annihilated this series. Sorry, I’ve never seen any of those movies.

This show has been critically acclaimed, which is not usually something I need to watch a show, but it can help when I’m already interested. It stars Community’s Gillian Jacobs and numerous nerdy roles’ Paul Rust.

love It follows the meeting and relationship of Mickey and Gus, who both just went through break ups. They’re each struggling with how to deal with them. Gus is known for being ‘too nice’, whereas Mickey comes off as selfish, and self-destructive. Even though the characters have real-life, unlikeable qualities, it doesn’t translate into unwatchable television due to their unlikeability, (looking at you, Girls.)

LOVE shows the ping pong-like relationship between Gus and Mickey in a way that could be construed as predictable, but in a way that I really, really enjoyed. I thought both the main characters were well developed, as were the many excellent secondary characters.

Take an evening and watch LOVE, it’s an easy, fun, relatable show that I thought was just great.




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