Bewdly Coffee – Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked Coffee

Picture1There not much better than waking up to the smell of coffee brewing, maple syrup on pancakes, and bacon sizzling away – unless you can get all of that at once. With Bewdly Coffee‘s Maple Bacon Deluxe Smoked coffee you can do just that. Bewdly was nice enough to send me a sample.

I’m not normally a coffee drinker, but I’m always willing to try something. Especially if ‘bacon’ or ‘maple’ is involved. If you are a regular drinker of coffee, I think you’ll like it. As someone who tends to only enjoy coffee when it’s frozen, filled with flavouring, and when things are as sweet as possible. I would have liked a little more maple flavour to it. My brother, who is a regular coffee drinker, liked it very much and thought it was maplely enough. So, to each their own!

If Maple Bacon isn’t up your alley, or if you would like a few other options, don’t worry – Bewdly has those too. Maybe Choco-Peanut Butter Cup is more up your alley, or Vanilla Bourbon, or S’more!

All of the delectable flavours are currently on sale, so get your’s here, and follow Bewdly on twitter!


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