Survivor: Koh Rong

logo After 8 long months, the sun has finally set on Survivor: Cambodia/Second Chances, and now it’s time for the sun to rise on a new season, with fresh faces, and a used locations.

Well, it wasn’t used before they got there. An interesting thing about Survivor: Koh Rong is that is was filmed BEFORE Second Chances. By the time of the finale, more than a year will have passed. That’s a real test of patience that would have done me in by July.

So yes, we’re returning to Cambodia for the 32nd season of Survivor, and it’s said to have been one of the most treacherous yet. There will be med-evacs aplenty on this season, so you better get to hoping that your fav doesn’t get taken out by the bubonic plague.

But if they do, it won’t be difficult to find another fav. This cast is stronger than my last name. It’s stacked with likeable people with interesting back stories, and will form an incredibly compelling dynamic. You will even recognize a few faces. Scott Pollard, former NBA player, will be gracing the Brawn tribe. While former Big Brother player and current Beast Mode Cowboy, Caleb Reynolds, will be sure to make his presence known on the Beauty tribe.

However, I did pick a favourite. Reigning from the Brains tribe it’s…. AUBRY.  I am super duper biased, because I’ve been lucky enough to get to know her though a friend and she is cool and fun and sweet and great, and I’m excited for all of you to see that too. I’m also digging Julia, as we both love The Bachelor, and Michelle, as we both love Harry potter.


Another new twist they are introducing this season is the super idol. So, if two idol finders come together they can use their idols to save someone AFTER the vote has been read. I can’t really imagine this twist paying off, due to people not really wanting to let people in on that kind of info.

I’m reeeeally looking forward to this season. I feel like the Second Chances process was so long that this new one feels really refreshing. Per usual, I will be live-tweeting all season @hstrong_


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