Chile & Agave

This restaurant is one of Niagara’s best kept secrets. Or, maybe it was only a secret to me, because I hadn’t heard of it until recently. Maybe that’s a product of living in a cold, desolate corner of the region with few culinary options, but I digress.

My aunt, knowing my affinity for Mexican cuisine, told me I had to visit Chile & Agave. So I, being a doting niece, listened to her and dragged my boyfriend there for our first meal of 2016. I’m always a little apprehensive about restaurants that don’t list their prices on the online menu but have no fear, Chile & Agave is very reasonably priced.


Like any good Mexican restaurant, they dole out free nachos to you. The salsa was lovely.


I was feeling cold, so I had myself a bowl of tortilla soup. It was delicious, and almost tasted like a thin tomato sauce. It was sprinkled with cheese, and a swirl of sour cream, and of course, tortilla chips. Would eat again.


My SO ordered the enmoladas enchilladas. The chicken enchilladas were doused in 3 different sauces – a classic mole, a tomatillo sauce, and a classic red sauce. The mole, as with most, was incredibly rich with flavour. He really enjoyed his meal.


I, one for tacos, chose the coconut shrimp tacos. When I saw these on the menu, I couldn’t pass them up. Our server told us that this was a new item on the menu and was very popular. I can see why. The shrimp was perfect and sweet, and had a lovely pineapple salsa, and a jalapeno crema that really balanced the sweetness. It came with rice and beans. The beans were not my favourite, but the rice was great.


If you haven’t yet visited Chile & Agave, you need to change that. If you have – have you tried the cheesecake burrito and how was it?



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