The Bachelor – the Top and the Bottom

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – The Bachelor is almost back. Hot babe guy, Ben Higgins, is this season’s bachelor. He’s beautiful, successful, and a fan fav, which makes him a perfect candidate to be our lead.  He might end up being  a little bland for our tastes, which is usually fine because the girls are train wrecks, but I’m not sure if that’s the case this season.

In this cast, no one really stands out as no bueno. This is great for Ben, but maybe not great for us? Like, I don’t ever remember seeing a cast that was this normal. Hopefully once the show gets started this will no longer be the case. Without further ado, here are the frontrunners and the backrunners.

The Top




Last year’s second placer is back for another shot at love – and I think she has a great chance to make it pretty far. She’s beautiful, smart, and almost too normal for television.



She’s super cute, and almost looks like Ben, and don’t guys like that or something? She has a good job, and again, seems to normal for television.



This girl just LOOKS like a newscaster. I think Ben will like this ambitious and confident gal. Hopefully she also gets along with the other girls.

The Bottom



Something tells me that Ben isn’t going to keep this cowgirl along past night one, but she will probably have an interesting entrance!



There’s nothing that particularly stands out as negative about Samantha, or positive, which is kind of the point. In a world full of Laurens, I don’t think Sam has what it takes.



She says one of her negatives is how much she drinks. This will be great for television, but bad for Ben. Hopefully she lasts long enough to provide a little drama.

To hear all our opinions of the cast with guests Randy Bailey and Kelley Wentworth, check out the Bachelor RHAP up.

Photos are courtesy of ABC


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