New Years’ Resolutions

New Years haters, get out of here, this isn’t for you. A lot of people hate New Years’ resolutions because they are bitter and hate when people try and improve themselves. I think that, as much as people don’t hold to their resolutions and blah, blah, blah, every goal needs a starting point, and what better starting point is the first day of the year. I try and make mine generalish and easyish to accomplish, because I like succeeding.  It’s important that these are actually these goals are feasible for me to accomplish, but still improve me. Here are a few of my resolutions.

Read one book a month

One book a week is a little overwhelming for me. What if I have a busy week, or it takes a while to get into the book. One book a month is completely doable. Plus, I find once I get into reading, it’s easier for me to pick up another book.

Drink more tea

Tea is great for you, and I don’t drink very much tea. I don’t love hot beverages, but it’s effing cold now so I should be able to accomplish this. I got a few things of loose leaf tea from David’s Tea in hopes that I can drink more, exciting tea rather then having to relegate myself to your typical orange pekoe or earl grey.

Drink less pop

This has always been a hard one for me. I loooove pop. It’s sweet and bubbly, and also basically just tar. I need to limit my pop intake, but I’m not sure how. It’s hard to go cold turkey. I do have a soda stream which I could use more.

Do more yoga

Join a damn class, Haley. I KNOW how much better I feel after even 20 minutes of yoga, so it seems pretty simple to just do more. So I’m going to try and stop being lazy.

Visit a new country

My resolution every year is to go somewhere new. I’ve been pretty good at keeping to this, but I haven’t visited a new country since 2012. This needs to be rectified. I need to stop waiting to see if people will go with me, and just go by myself. This is kind of scary to me, but I’m more scared to miss out on things I want to do just because I might have to do it alone.

Visit more baseball stadiums

I’ve been to 16 so far – just over half – and I want to collect them all. I’ll have to start travelling farther distances to get to the ones I haven’t been to, but it’s a good way to visit more places I haven’t been to.

So those are them, my friends. I think these are good goals for the year that aren’t too outlandish. Let me know some of yours, and your tactics for sticking to them.



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