Eulogizing Survivor: Second Chances

titleIt feels so weird for this to all be over. We’ve been pretty deep into the Second Chances season for the better part of a year. From when the rumours about the season’s premise and the potential cast started to swirl, to the voting for our favourites to make it to the island, to the speculation once the cast returned, and finally, the season airing. This has been long, wonderful ride.

We all had a lot of big hopes for this season. For once, we the audience had a say in who would be playing, which gave us a deeper interest in the season. I think few would disagree that this season was a contender for the best season yet. The game never stopped, and every single person was playing to win. That is except Kelly Wigglesworth, but you can’t have it all. There was dynamic moves, stellar idol plays, constantly shifting alliances, big characters, and a satisfying winner. What more could you want?

Maybe a less predictable winner’s edit up the stretch, but even when it was obviously what was going to happen, I still found myself at the edge of my seat. The final 6 tribal council played out in a way we never expected, even when we kind of expected it (thanks previews). The cast played hard and therefore were left for a few hard feelings, but for the most part everyone was able to appreciate great game play.



It was disappointing to see a few big characters Shririn, Vytas, Jeff, Peih-Gee, go home early, but there was no one I really wanted to go home at all. We saw Joe be the golden boy once again. We saw Stephen almost fall into the same mistakes he made in his last game, before getting voted out while using his advantage. We saw Terry having to leave the game to tend to his family.

Best of all, we saw the emergence of of characters that most didn’t give a second thought to. Kimmi, although quiet at the beginning of the game, attempted a few power moves to no avail, but it was great to see Kimmi kill it after a 15 year hiatus. The real underdog story was my girl Kelley. She was my winner pick in her original season and I stuck true to my guns for this season too. I’m so proud of what she was able to accomplish this time around.

groupLike I said, I felt that Jeremy was a satisfying winner. He stayed loyal to his alliance, which isn’t always exciting television but it proves to be a good game move time and time again. He beat Tasha and Spencer handily with both his social and physical game. He didn’t always have his finger on the pulse of what was happening, but he was always able to bounce back smoothly.

It was so wonderful to see these people back and playing Survivor. Here’s to Survivor: Second Chances, and now on to the next one.


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