Julep – December 2015

Well folks, the time has come. I have finally accidentally forgotten to skip my Julep box enough times to earn myself a free box. Thank you, thank you, hold your applause. I had earned enough points in September, but none of the boxes between then and now have been worth splurging my points.


This month, Julep was releasing their new lip product, It’s Whipped. They got help from Julep subscribers to help create these products. Mavens helped to choose colours, packaging, and even the applicator for the new matte lipstick. I didn’t get to help in this endeavour because I guess you don’t get rewarded when you skip 90% of your boxes. Anyway, matte lipsticks were right up my alley, so I was so in on this box. Especially since it was FO FREE.


The lipstick colour I got was called At Midnight. I picked it partially because of the velvety red classic red colour, but mostly because I really like the show @midnight. The applicator is a little weird, and the packaging is a little clunky, but the formula is fabulous, smooth, and really packs a punch colour-wise.


The nail polishes I received were Judy, a lovely champagne shimmer and Virginia, a deep mahogany iridescent. I really love both of these colours, they’re really perfect for the holidays. They’re going to look fabulous together.



I really loved this box, mostly because it was free. Regardless, it was an impressive send out from Julep.


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