Dream Makers and Heart Breakers – The 2015 Blue Jays

DSC07702This was some kind of season, my friends. My beloved Blue Jays got off to a chilly start after a couple of great off-season pick-ups and a pretty solid spring training. This made us fans think that maybe this was just another one of those seasons where the Blue Jays weren’t terrible, but they just weren’t good enough to reach the top – the 23rd of these seasons in a row.

Boy were we wrong.

Come the all-star break, the Jays were a paltry 51-51, fine by all means but not enough to win it all, falling just in the middle of the AL East pack. To all of our surprise, Alex Anthopolous said ‘F it’ and threw all of his chips on the table, in return, he got some of the best names in baseball.

Short stop superstar, Troy Tulowitzki, joined the team in a secret, middle of the night deal that left many Jays fans wondering – wait , why now? what about the bullpen? WHAT ABOUT THE ROTATION. Don’t worry, he figured that out too.He added LaTroy Hawkins and Mark Lowe to the bullpen, filled a need in left field with Ben Revere, and the crown jewel of the mid-season acquirements was former Cy Young winner, David Price.

Since that point, the Jays went on an insane run, taking the AL East crown right out of the hands of the Yankees, and earned their first post-season berth in over 2 decades.

It was a great time to be a Jays fan.

The post season didn’t go how any of us wanted or expected. We wanted to see our Blue Jays in the fall classic, but instead we saw them play in 5 different elimination games in series with the Rangers and the Royals. They just didn’t seem to look like the Blue Jays we knew this season.

The season ended  down one run with a man on second and third, and an AL MVP candidate up to bat, and a ground out to third.

It’s not what we wanted, but it’s how it ended. Regardless, we should be deeply proud of the 2015 Blue Jays. It was incredible to see a baseball team electrify an entire nation. It was great to see an influx of new fans. Best of all, this generation finally got their own amazing home run to call their own.

The Jays will not be receiving their own World Series come next year, but this was a fantastic season. The future is exciting too – control over Donaldson and Tulo, at least another year of Bautista and Encarnacion, and some incredible young guns that have already made an impression on the league.

Congrats to the 2015 Blue Jays on defying all odds.


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