The New Kids in Town

I’ve gotten a few products lately for my face that I’m super into. Due to a touch of narcissism, I believe that you will want to see them, so here they are.


Say Yes To… Coconuts Lip Balm


Like most of my purchases, this was a total whim because I was overtaken with emotion from being in a beloved Target once again. I love this balm because it is super moisturising and smells like the vacation I can’t afford because I buy so many lip balms on a whim.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Native


When Sephora has an Urban Decay item on sale, you swipe it up. I got my palate in Native for half the price. Unfortunately for you guys, the Native scheme is no longer sold. I am deeply sorry. This is a shame because it was definitely the best combo, with a matte bronzer, perfect pink blush, and a lovely champagne highlighter. Regardless, I love this palate, and it has become an everyday item for me. I’m sure the other schemes are excellent too, so grab one of these. Here is my face with this palate on.


Nars Mini Lip Pencils


I got these for free from Sephora as my Beauty Insider birthday gift. If you’re not a member of this club, join asap. It’s worth it just for these bad boys. The red is velvet matte lip pencil in cruella, and it is a perfect shade of bluey-red that is to die for. The pink is a satin lip pencil in rikugien. I’m not as crazy about this one, it’s a your-lips-but-better shade with a hint of shine. The formulas are wonderful.

Nyx Matte Lipsticks


Nyx has quickly become my favourite budget make up brand. I’ve been extremely pleased with every item I’ve gotten from them. These two lipsitcks are no different. The purpley shade is called aria. I’ve been looking for a colour like this for ages now, and it’s amazing. The reddier shade is merlot, which is a beautiful pinky red. Both of these will be heavy favourites in my fall lipsticks rotation.

Sephora Collection Bronze Perfect CC Cream


Look! Another think I got on sale! At least this time it’s not sold out (yet). I bought this not really knowing what to expect, but I fell in love immediately. It’s a great contouring colour for summer and the few weeks after. I won’t be able to pull this off convincingly until next summer, so I’ll put it on the shelf until then. My advice to you is to pick it up while it’s still on sale and save it, because this stuff is greeeeat.

That’s it for my new products. What have you been rocking lately. Wait, maybe don’t tell me, or I may have to buy it.


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