Scream Queens

scream queensI don’t normally go for anything horror-related, but I have a hard time saying no to pop culture phenomenons. Except Game of Thrones, I’m never getting onto that bandwagon.

This show is the latest jaunt from Glee/American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. He collected a gaggle of your favourite teen queens, dressed up in nice clothing, and put them on TV to be murdered/not murdered, depending on the pop star.

It follows a freshman, Grace, and a sorority of probably the worst people humanly possible. I don’t know much about sororities, as Greek life isn’t super popular and/or existent in Canada, but I don’t believe murder is usually a part of pledge week.  The sorority is forced to accept anyone who pledges, due to their history of being stone cold awful to everyone ever.  The murders are believed to be in connection to a horrible incident that happened 20 years prior.

It’s cleverly written, and you love to hate pretty much every person on this show as well as newsboy caps. I don’t love the gore, because I’m a total wuss, but it’s a show I will continue to check out from week to week. Also, because I’m desperate to know WHO IS THE DAMN RED DEVIL!!


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