trainwreckIf you know me, follow me on Twitter, or are even a one time acquaintance of mine, you probably knew how badly I’ve wanted to see Amy Schumer’s new movie, ‘Trainwreck’. I’ve been dying for it since the day they announced she had a movie coming our way.

I’ve been a long time fan of Amy, maybe not so old school I was rooting for her back in her ‘Last Comic Standing’ days, but I’ve been raving about her show to pretty much everyone in my life. ‘Trainwreck’ was written looseishly based on Amy’s life.

I knew the movie would be hilarious – and it was – but I didn’t realize it would be so heartbreaking, and emotional, and beautiful. It was really everything you would want in a movie. They even managed to sprinkle in some jokes into the not so hilarious moments.

The breakout star might have actually been Lebron James. The world’s best basketball player AND a great comedic actor? Can’t you leave any skills for us plebeians? I guess not.

‘Trainwreck’ not only met every expectation I had for it, but far surpassed it. It has already managed to cement itself as one of my favourite movies of allll timeeeee. I can’t wait to go to the theatre to see it again ASAP.


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