The Bachelorette – The Nick is Back

Wait, who is the lead on this show again? Nick? Clint? Who is Kaitlyn? This episode seemed to focus on a few central characters. It felt drawn out, especially because for the second week in a row we didn’t get a rose ceremony.

no longer bros

no longer bros

The Clinthanger

We left last episode with Kaitlyn going to find Clint to have a chat. She realizes that he’s probably not there for the #RIGHTREASONS. Even though he tries to make a case to Kaitlyn to stay, it doesn’t work and she sends him home. Not before she announces it to the room, and former Clint BFF, JJ, tells his former buddy that Clint needs to apologize. Clint is clearly thrown, feeling betrayed not by Kaitlyn, but by JJ. After a hectic cocktail party, Kaitlyn decides to cancel the rose ceremony, and everyone gets to go to New York!!

He’s Baaaack

The first group date involved the guys getting into another battle – a rap battle. Clearly none of them were very good, but it was a fun watch, and shockingly none of them cut each other too deep. The date was overshadowed by Nick, from Andi’s season, making an appearance saying that he too wanted a chance with Kaitlyn. She doesn’t know what to do, she knows there is chemistry there, but isn’t sure if it’s fair to the other guys.

When she informs the boys about it, they’re not too impressed. They’re mostly upset that it’s NICK who wants a chance to be there. They don’t think his intentions are genuine, especially after what happened during the ATFR special. She gives Justin the rose.

kaitlyn - 4 - 2The Decision

Before heading out to what ended up being a great date with Jared, Kaitlyn goes to get her hair done and get some advice from her former castmate Ashley S. Ashley told Kaitlyn to make sure she knows the difference between love and lust, but it’s her show and she can do what she wants.

She meets up with Nick and tells him that she would like him to come along for the journey. She said that he should wait until she breaks the news to the other guys to move in. The guys are not impressed but decide to not worry about it.


The second group date featured the remaining guys heading to broadway to learn a few moves. They go through an audition process, where the winner will get a chance to be in the Aladdin show with Kaitlyn later on that evening. Chris ends up winning, and they have a date that completely lacks chemistry, but Chris gets the rose anyway.


Yet another week where we don’t end the show with a rose ceremony. We instead end with Nick arriving to the hotel suite.

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