The Bachelorette – Prince Alarming

kaitlyn - 3 - 1We pick up where last episode left off, trying to show Kupah out the door. Kaitlyn overheard his ranting and was like ‘listennn, you’re done’ and he took his whisky and left. We keep on trucking with the rest of the guys. For a few minutes at least.

The Rose Ceremony

We finally get to the rose ceremony 5 minutes into the episode. Kaitlyn is having a tough time cutting the guys already – she cuts Cory and Daniel. She liked both guys a lot. but just didn’t see a future with them.

Gypsy Soul, Warrior Heart

The first group date of the week had the guys dressing up like sumo wrestlers and practising the ancient sport. First the men go up against the big boys – champion sumo wrestlers. They all fail miserably. Especially Tony, because afterwards he flipped out and said he was all about peace and love and didn’t like the fighting. Kaitlyn said he should have said something beforehand. He ends up peacing out in an outfit clearly inspired by Justin Bobby. Kaitlyn was cool with it, because she was just keeping him around because the producers told her to.


Chris Harrison is a Sadistic A-Hole

Chris Harrison pulled a Jimmy Kimmel and planned the one-on-one date this week. He picked Ben Z to go on the date with Kaitlyn. They went to an escape room. If you’ve never heard of this or watch this show, an escape room is where you pay at least $30 bucks to get trapped in a creepy room with your friends and try to get out. They opened the door, and birds came out, and Kaitlyn was not down with that. They went into the room anyway, and Ben was able to remain calm while sticking his hand in a toilet bowl surrounded by snakes. Um, no thank you. Ben easily got the rose, because he’s a total babe.

kaitlyn - 3 - 3Hot For Teacher

The second group date has the rest of the guys teaching a class (of child actors) about sex ed. I mean, I didn’t believe it so a second, because there is no way they would teach sex ed in an American classroom!! It was kind of hilarious watching the guys explain some not PG things, and we see the return of the black box when Joshua showed the class how a tampon is inserted. This was a good week for Bens, because Ben H got the group date rose after a rooftop make out.

'Here for the right reasons.....the free trips'

‘Here for the right reasons…..the free trips’


I’m sure we alllll saw The Bachelorette’s cheap promo stunt last week, that eluded to Villains going to Vill, Clint and JJ were in love. Obviously this was just another example of this franchise using misleading editing. WE NEVER GOT OUR TENT SEX. It’s clear that Clint is just too deadpan to tell a joke. He does say that he knows Kaitlyn isn’t the girl for him, but wants to stay to hang out with JJ. Many of guys tell Kaitlyn that Clint isn’t there for the #RIGHTREASONS. We are left with yet another Clinthanger, where we will have the rose ceremony next week, which is supes annoying mmk.

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3 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – Prince Alarming

  1. sayyestohappy says:

    I love that Kaitlyn called Ben Z a babe soda! Must be a Canadian thing, because I’ve never heard that in my life! haha

    Loved your Hills reference, hilarious!

    Who are your favorites after this ep? It was tough for me, I can see her with so many of the guys now! I like Ben Z, the other Ben, Shawn (my fave!), Chris and Jared! Too many choices…!

    Love your recaps girl keep up the great work!

  2. Morgan says:

    “Kupah James” is actually named James Cooper – I went to high school with him…

    Found that on Reality Steve comments section, thought you’d like to know. 🙂

    Love you podcast!

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