The Bachelorettte – A Couple of Knock-outs

We’ve finally reached the Kaitlyn era of The Bachelorette – well we tried to, they still managed to force some Britt on us, and in doing that we had the first unnecessary ‘to be continued of the season’.

Ben Z - Winner of boxing matches and hearts

Ben Z – Winner of boxing matches and hearts

Throw Some Punches

The first group date involved the guys being taught how to throw like a girl – throw punches that is. Acclaimed boxer, Laila Ali, came to give the guys some instruction in the ring that they could use in their own upcoming fights. Laila and Kaitlyn were chatting about the guys, and Kaitlyn mentioned that Kupah seemed way more into the boxing than coming to talk to her. Put a pin in this, because we WILL come back to it.

The boys then went outside for their own boxing matches. Ben Z, the herculean babe that he is, had no trouble with his opponents and easily advanced to the final round. Jared was more of an underdog story – he fought to the end on will and terrible beard trimming alone, before turning into a probably concussion story in the final round when Ben gave him the ole KO. He returned from the hospital a little later on for a few minutes to plant one on Kaitlyn.

Top Model Bachelorette

Clint received the first one-on-one date of the season. They headed to a nearby pool, where thankfully, there was no sex therapist to be found. There was however a pool and a photographer. They took some underwater pictures, which looked pretty cool. Other than that, the date was pretty unremarkable. Clint isn’t the most intriguing guy, until next week that is.

Amy is not impressed with JJ

Amy is not impressed with JJ

The Best Thing to Ever Happen on this Show

The second group date of the season involved Kaitlyn meeting up with one of my favourite people, and biggest inspirations, Amy Schumer, to teach a the guys a few things about stand up comedy. She brought with her a few funny girl friends, Nikki Glaser, Briget Everett, and Rachel Feinstein, to help her out.

Amy and Kaitlyn had great chemistry, and made me believe that they’re probably the OTP of the season. Amy helped out a few of the guys with their stand-up routines, and openly mocked a few of the others (looking at you JJ). The guys did pretty well with their acts, the stand out being Chris, and the stand down being Tony. Quelle suprise.

Supah Kupah

Fast forward to the cocktail party, where the guys with roses (Clint, Ben, and JJ), agreed to let the guys without roses have their chances with Kaitlyn first. But JJ didn’t agree to that, and took the first time slot.

Kupah came a bit later, and mentioned to Kaitlyn that he didn’t understand why he was there, and if he was just meant to fill a quota. Kaitlyn combated that saying she felt a connection with him, and was disappointed he didn’t make an effort during the group date. She said she lost all connection with him. She tried to send him home moments later when she overheard him telling the other guys about what just happened, She asked him to leave, and he said he didn’t want to because she’s hot. No, like for real, he said that. The conclusion to this was a cliff hanger, so I guess we’ll have to see how the rest of this turns out next week.

Britt, Britt, Britt

We see Britt crying in her hotel room, before she hears a knock on the door. To her surprise it`s Brady. They hang out, they hang out more, they make out, and then they decide to date. So that’s the end of the Britt subplot on this season. Hopefully.

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One thought on “The Bachelorettte – A Couple of Knock-outs

  1. sayyestohappy says:

    Amy Schumer was amazing! I love that she called JJ a turd! Hilarious.

    Just listened to your podcast a few days ago, love it! Keep up the great work girl!

    can’t wait for monday’s ep and your recap!

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