Survivor: Worlds Apart – a Eulogy

survivor worlds apartWe gather here today to say goodbye. We say goodbye to Survivor’s 30th season, Worlds Apart, where blue collars, white collars, and no collars were pitted against each other to decide which collar had the gumption to win the game and the million dollar prize.

I, like many others I’m sure, have mixed feelings about this season. Jeff Probst told us this would be our favourite season yet. The season had some great highlights. Excellent idol play, dynamic characters, great impressions, and a very satisfying winner, but I don’t think many people have a warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts about the #dirty30.

mikeThere was a lot of drama this season, and it wasn’t fun drama. It was uncomfortable and startling. People whined about bad edits, and whined about their birthdays, and whined about being on Survivor, and whined about everything in general. There was also almost a straight pagonging. Those in power took out the opposition one by one – except for Mike. It was mostly an unsavoury season.

But I didn’t hate it – I almost never do. I can’t tell if I didn’t enjoy it as much because it was so hyped up, or if I was constantly waiting for it to get better so it would justify the hype. I would rank it in the middle third of seasons, not my favourite, but not a downright waste of time. I think Mike’s eventual win had a lot to do with it. He made mistakes, but he fought his hardest when his back was pushed against the wall, and his win wasn’t in doubt for weeks beforehand.

We bid adieu to a landmark season in Survivor’s history, as we embark on a new adventure – Survivor: Second Chances.


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