The Bachelorette – The Choice is Made



We’re officially back in business my friends! The Bachelorette kicked off the new season with a two-night event in order to draw out the drama of having two Bachelorettes even more. It was apparent that neither woman was pleased that there would be two Bachelorettes, and that they would take completely different approaches to the role.

Say Hi to the Men

The men, also took different approaches to realizing their was more than one woman vying for their attention. Some men went to the woman they initially wanted to be the Bachelorette, and some saved it for second. This whole segment was a little awkward, with neither woman really knowing how to act when the other was the focus of attention.

This subsided a bit when the cool, guys made their appearances. We saw two vehicles that we’ve never seen before on the show – a cupcake car, and a hot tub car. One guy even openly mocked Britt with his gift.

Some guys came to the show knowing exactly which woman they wanted to pursue. Jarred, Tony, and Brady knew they wanted to be with Britt, whereas Ian was adamant about his desire to meet Kaitlyn.

Too Much Whiskey

Like every season, there is one person who has just a bit too much to drink on the first night. This season, that guy was Junkyard Specialist and Nikki Ferrell cast off, Ryan. He more or less sexually harassed Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison told him to peace out.

The Bachelorette is….

The men mix and mingle with the two women, before making their final votes. Chris Harrison then pulls Britt aside to tell her she was not chosen as the Bachelorette. I’m glad they didn’t announce it in front of everyone, but it’s still shitty they did this to her in the first place. Regardless, I’m glad we have a season of Kaitlyn as the lead…which we’ll get to in a paragraph or two.

The Rose Ceremony

Some guys were wondering whether or not the Britt voters would accept the rose if Kaitlyn gave it to them, and whether or not that would be fair. She did end up giving some roses to some Britt lovers, which they accepted. Brady pulled a Britt and interrupted the ceremony to talk to Kaitlyn. He was honest with her and told her that he would rather bone Britt instead and GTFO. Kaitlyn sent home Stripper Josh, Bradley, David, Shawn E, and some other people I can’t remember.

This Season on…

CAN YOU SAY DRAMA. I know they pump these previews up hard, but I haven’t been this excited for a season. We see the return of Nick V. from Andi’s season, some guys falling in love with her, gorgeous Irish scenery, AMY SCHUMER, and the admission of pre-fantasy suite coitus. This preview actually made Kaitlyn more endearing because it portrayed her as a real human women which we have not seen in a very long time.

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