Bad Blood

I have been a hardcore, unabashed Taylor Swift fan for a long time. I’ve followed her career, watching every movie and video she stars in, and buying every CD as soon as possible. I’ve annoyed my roommates with constant replays of her best jams, and bonded with strangers over how amazing she is.

When Taylor started releasing the the promo photos for her new single ‘Bad Blood’, I was on the edge of my seat, excitedly awaiting the release of the video.

The video was released this weekend at the Billboard Music Video Awards to much fanfare. The star-studded video was intense, funny, and has been on constant replay for swifties around the world.

The song featured in the video is a little different than the one on the CD. This version has Kendrick Lamar filling in the verses, while the chorus you know and love stays the same. Taylor has been on a real roll this time around with her excellent videos for Blank Space and Shake it Off. I can’t wait to see what she releases next!


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