Survivor – My ‘Second Chance’ Ballot

UntitledLast week I wrote about my first thoughts about the upcoming ‘Survivor: Second Chances’ season. I mentioned a few of my picks, but now I’ll let you in on the rest of my ballot. Because I know you’ve just hanging on the edge of your seat. This post is mainly for me to remember who I want to vote for each day, because I will 100% forget, and my choices would change on a daily basis.

The Women

  1. Theresa Cooper – Theresa was a lot of fun in her original season. She was unexpectedly cunning and cut throat. In a cast that’s probably going to skew a bit older, she would likely have a great chance  to make it far if she got on the island.
  2. Peih Gee Law – She was one of Todd’s antagonists in ‘Survivor: China’. She was spunky and smart, and should have been brought back a long time ago.
  3. Monica Padilla – She wasn’t included in my original vote ballot, but this interview turned me around on her.
  4. Natalie Tenerelli – I might get a little flack for this vote. Natalie was basically a non-entity on her original season. Let’s not forget she was 19 then. Five years is a lot of growing time, and she seems to have learned from her mistakes. I would like to see what she could do now.
  5. Abi Marie Gomes – She’s an absolute firecracker who is going to make big moves, and would be excellent television.
  6. Ciera Eastin – SHE VOTED OUT HER MOM. REASON ENOUGH. I can’t see her not being on this upcoming season, but she should be worried about gaining the trust of her tribemates.
  7. Tasha Fox – She was the whole package – smart, physical, and social. She got on the wrong side of numbers but fought really hard to get far in the game.
  8. Kass McQuillan – Not everyone’s cup a tea, but you have to admit, she was a huge part of what really made ‘Survivor: Cagayan’.
  9. Kelley Wentworth – MY GIRL. I always support my former winner picks, especially if they talk about The Bachelor with me.
  10. Shirin Oksooi – Again, throwing support behind another former winner pick. She’s fun, excitable, and a super fan. I really do think she will be able to rein in the fandom the second time around and focus on the game.

The Men

  1. Jeff Varner – I get a little bit of old school nostalgia with Jeff. I’d like to see him out there.
  2. Andrew Savage – Loved by the casuals, hated by the hardcore fans. My boyfriend would be upset if he wasn’t included on my ballot/
  3. Shane Powers – Another person who should have been brought back a loooong time ago.
  4. Terry Dietz – Terry was a powerhouse in his first season. He is still in rockin’ shape.
  5. Stephen Fishbach – He blew it in the final tribal council, and he’s spent the subsequent years proving to survivor fans that he knows what he’s talking about on Survivor Know-it-alls.
  6. Vytas Bauskaukas – He has a compelling back story, and he can do a handstand. Need I say more.
  7. Spencer Bledsoe – He’s young, he’s fun, he’s smart, and he’s got the recency bias on his side. I am not alone in loving Spencer on his original season, and I certainly won’t be alone in voting for him to come back.
  8. Jeremy Collins – He was targeted immediately after the merge because he was a threat, and there is a chance he wouldn’t have even made the jury if Julie McGee hadn’t quit. I’d love to see him and his abs back.
  9. Joe Anglim – Man bun.
  10. Max Dawson – He’s a superfan who got caught up in BEING on Survivor the first time instead of getting his social game in order. Also, he’s the only one to have posed for a prom photo with me.



The Snubs

I didn’t throw votes to Kimmi and Kelly. It would be great to see people from the very early seasons play again, and I would have no qualms about seeing either of them play again, but Kelly’s interview actually turned me OFF of voting for her. She doesn’t seem to evolve her game play with the way the game itself has evolved.

I would love to see Mike play again, but he probably wins this season anyway. I really like Carolyn too, but she fell just short of my ballot. Same with Sabrina. If I got two more votes, they probably would have gone to them.

I’m a haaaaard pass on Troyzan and Brad Culpepper. I didn’t like them on their first seasons, and I doubt I would like them a second time around.

Make sure to cast your votes here! Let me know on twitter, @hstrong_, who you’re voting for.


2 thoughts on “Survivor – My ‘Second Chance’ Ballot

  1. kelly wilson says:

    i am trying to vote for the males today and it wont let me. error message. any ideas? thanks. want joe for sure! he is the only reason i am even voting lol

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