Survivor – Give Me a Second Chance

UntitledLast night’s episode of Survivor had a little more hype around it than usual – we we’re told that a special announcement would be following the episode. Many fans already knew what the announcement would be. Jeff Probst told us that for next season, the fans would be voting on who would be playing the game.

We are given a pool of 32 former Survivor players, ranging from season 1 through 30, to choose from. We can vote for 10 men and 10 women. This concept isn’t unprecedented in Reality Television – it was done for Big Brother’s all-star season.

The theme of the season? Second Chances. All people in the voting pool have only played once, have never won, and all have something to prove. I’m a fan of this idea. There are a handful of players who I never need to see on my screen again after their 3rd and 4th attempt to win. This cast will be as fresh and exciting as an all-star season can be.

A few other things of note; We will know the cast before they go play the game. The cast will be announced at the finale of Survivor: Worlds Apart. The season will be filmed in Cambodia, as will season 32. Season 32 has already been filmed, this is the first time seasons will air out of order that were filmed. This is done to reduce the amount of spoilers that usually surrounds a season with returnees.

I do think that they did a fairly good job with the cast. I’d be okay with seeing almost any of these people again. My vote locks? My season 29 winner pick and occasional podcast guest, Kelley Wentworth,  bad ass Shirin Oksooi, fan-fav, Spencer Bledsoe, and king of all babes, Joe Anglim. You can cast your votes daily here.

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