#TBT – That Time I Went to China

I was looking through my old China pictures last week. I couldn’t believe that it already been 3 years since I went (what have I been doing with my time, what am I doing with my life?!?!?!). Anyway, My blog wasn’t around when I went, but I love these photos and would like to share them.  So I hope you enjoy this self-serving trip through my memories!




View from the bund in Shanghai


The Confucius Temple in Nanjing

The Confucius Temple in Nanjing






After a mountain climb, all you want it to be ski lifted down

The Nanjing Massacre Museum

The Nanjing Massacre Museum

Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Tiananmen Square in Beijing


The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City

Started in Peru and now we're here!! #BFF

Started in Peru and now we’re here!! #BFF

This took many attempts

This took many attempts

The Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium

The Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium


View from the Great Wall

View from the Great Wall


I spent just under 3 weeks in China in April-May 2012 for a school credit. We spent time in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing. It was a pretty crazy experience, definitely the most culture shock I’ve felt in all of my travels, but the people are kind and welcoming, and are willing to try and overcome the huge language barrier. I was very fortunate to visit a part of the world that I never expected to!


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