The Blue Jays Rundown: Slippery Slope

DSC01649This was a bit of a rough week for Canada’s team. They had a hard time stringing wins together, and mostly focusing their potent offence on one game per series, but let’s get into it.

  • Cold Opening – For the fourth time in as many years, the Jays lost their home opener. The fell to the Rays 2-1, after coming close to taking it late in the game, disappointing a full crowd at the Rogers Centre.
  • Close Calls – Close games seemed to be the theme of the week, both losing and winning a number of games by one or two runs.
  • Walk it Off – The Jays played in their first extra-inning game of the season. Jose Bautista tied it up against the Atlanta Braves in the 8th with a solo home run. They won it in the 10th with an exciting walk-off home run from new addition, Josh Donaldson, who has been on a reeeeal tear lately.
  • Home Run City – During Friday’s game, both Josh Donaldson and Russell Martin hit their first (and second!) home run of the season. Devon Travis also went yard during the game. They still brought home the L against the Braves though.
  • JOSE BAUTISTA BOBBLEHEAD DAY – It was Baustista Bobblehead Day in Toronto, and I attended my first game of the season. We got there briiiight and early for the giveaway, as did thousands of others. But more on that later.
  • THAT CATCH – Kevin Pillar made a catch that rocked the baseball world, and made the top of every ‘best play of the week’ lists. He robbed the Rays of a home run, blowing the minds of the crowd and every single one of his team mates.

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