The Bachelor – At Whit’s End

It’s over my friends, it’s all over. After weeks of watching, hours upon hours of watching Chris Soules on his journey to find his maybe future wife, we find out that Chris chooses Whitney, the fertility nurse from Chicago.

Becca Tilley on the finale of the Bachelor

Becca at the thought of moving to Arlington

The Dates

I can seriously cover a majority of this episode in like, 2 paragraphs so let’s do this.

Whitney met Chris’ family. They loved her, she said she loved him. Whitney cannot wait to become a sister wife. The family then has to psych themselves up for Becca’s date because they loved Whitney soooo muuuch. They actually ended up loving Becca because she is funny and sweet. Their only issue with her is that she’s not sure. She’s not sure if Chris is the one, she’s not sure if she would want to move to Iowa. You know, normal things to think after 8 weeks of dating. Whitney is a sure thing, but Becca isn’t. Chris’ family suspects this is why he’s so into the Beccster.

whitney bischoff and chris soules on the bachelor finale

She thinks your tractor’s sexy

In their final dates, Whitney visits Chris’ farm and house. Nothing interesting there. In Becca’s final date, she is very honest with Chris saying she’s not there yet. She’s not ready to proclaim her love for him yet, or promise to drop her life in San Diego to move to the desolate Arlington. Again, NORMAL THINGS TO THINK.

The Proposal

We see Neil Lane, clearly unhappy about the location of this season’s proposal spot, and Chris chose the ring for his soon-to-be fiancée.

Unsurprisingly, despite a little bit of misleading editing, Becca is the first to arrive at the decorated barn in which Chris will determine the fate of their relationship. He tells her that they’re just not where they need to be in their relationship for him to propose and she agrees. Becca has one of the most refined and classy exits in the history of The Bachelor. Probably because she just wasn’t in love with Chris.

Chris soules and whitney bischoff on the bachelor finale

The proposal took place in the pinterest board of your dreams

Whitney arrives with the sun setting on the Iowan setting. She enters the barn, and immediately launches into a nervous speech about how much she loves him. When she finally stops talking, he tells her he loves her too and drops to one knee. She obviously accepts his proposal, and they stare happily into the sunset.

After the Final Rose

In the ATFR special, Chris Harrison tells us there is a shocking announcement that we’ve never seen in Bachelor history. So the audience keeps waiting for something to happen. Was it going to be a Mesnick sitch? Was Whitney already knocked up? WERE CATHERINE AND SEAN RENEWING THEIR VOWS LIVE ON TELEVISION??!?!

Anyway, Becca comes out to talk to Chris. She doesn’t seem to be that rattled by the situation. She is too boring to be the Bachelorette and too classy for Bachelor in Paradise, so I’m sure this is the last we’ll see of Becca and her virginity.

Whitney comes out on stage, and it’s clear that she isn’t pregnant, killing that shocking announcement option. They are clearly really happy together, which is great to see. She says that she only watched her dates, and doesn’t care to watch the rest of the show, which is a really level-headed approach to the whole thing. Jimmy Kimmel comes out and gives them a cow and we say goodbye to the betrothed.

The Bachelorettes

kaitlyn bristowe and britt nilsson on the after the finale rose special


It’s finally time for the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. Chris Harrison says that it was too difficult to pick who should be the next Bachelorette. In an audience poll, Britt’s name was met with a smattering of applause, where Kaitlyn’s was met with an all-out cheerfest. It’s okay though! They’re both going to be the Bachelorette….kind of. On the first night, the men will choose who they want to be the Bachelorette. Misogyny is alive and well, my friends. Especially in this franchise.

Am I biased because I love Kaitlyn and want her to be the sole Bachelorette? Absolutely. But I also think it’s unfair to both women involved, and mostly me because I want Kaitlyn as the Bachelorette.

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One thought on “The Bachelor – At Whit’s End

  1. George Crummer (@georgectv) says:

    It will be interesting to see how the ‘Two Bachelorette’ idea plays out. I know it was done once before on The Bachelor, but that was with two leads who were unknowns. Neither of the guys that season(Bachelor 6 in 2004) had been on prior seasons, so there was no built in fan connection going into that first night/episode. When one guy was sent packing by the ladies that first night, the audience didn’t have time to know who he was yet. This time around, even if you as a viewer are happy with the decision of the guys, I sense it will feel different, not because of the gender, but because the audience has spent a season with them already. Both ladies are great, so one thing we do know… it’s going to be the most dramatic first night ever!

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