The Bachelor – Women Talk Over Each Other

Chris soules at the women tell all episode of the bachelor

The face of a man who knows he’s in trouble

This is usually the episode of the season that I have really high expectations for. We are promised oodles of drama from Chris Harrison, and it usually never delivers. This time I went in with fairly low expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed. It was probably the best Women Tell All that I’ve seen in my time watching the Bachelor. Is that saying much? Probably not, but let’s get on with it, shall we?

Oh no.

Oh no.

Break and Enter

The show starts off how it usually does, with the duo of Chris’s breaking into unsuspecting houses of women, and occasionally men, watching the Bachelor. The throngs of ladies were overjoyed at the sight of Chris Soules. Some were so excited they kissed him, even though he is probably an engaged man!!

The Britt Show

One of the most talked about women of the season, Britt, was the first one in the hot seat. She

Britt Nillson at the Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor

Sad Britt is sad

was upset to find out how the girls, Carly in particular, talked about her behind her back. Carly was unwavering in her response to Britt, that she often put on a show and that she said she couldn’t see herself in Arlington. Jillian jumped to Britt’s defence, saying that Carly played nice to their face, but acted differently when they weren’t around. Britt also used this time to show off her fake crying skills, because girlfriend didn’t shed a single tear during all of her sobs.

Ashley Iaconetti at the women tell all episode of the bachelor

Ashley doesn’t believe you, Kels

Kelsey Talks

Next up for the girls to all shout over was Kelsey. Chris actually gave her some solid talking time before he let the other girls set in on her, much to Ashley’s chagrin. She expressed that she was sorry that her words came off as cold, and that she came off as condescending. The girls didn’t buy her S, and Juelia, who also had a tragic back story, was offended that she would ever call it ‘amazing’.

So like, Onion or Pomegranate

Then Chris invited Ashley S to the stage to see if she was really as loony as everyone thought. She seemed a little more sane during this conversation, and she divulged to us that she likes to ride bikes. K cool. Chris then personally invited her to take part in the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, although we already knew that both Ashleys were 100% locks.

Kaitlyn Bristowe at the Women tell all episode of the bachelor

‘I think you would make a great bachelorette, past Kaitlyn’

The Jilted

This was the time in the show where Chris came out on stage, and my poor boyfriend was praying that this GD show would be over soon. First Britt came up to talk to him, and blabbered on about stuff, and interrupted Chris every time he tried to speak. Next Kaitlyn remained in her seat while asking what happened. Unsurprisingly, Chris went on for 5 minutes in a speech that no one quite understood. It’s okay Kaitlyn, in like, two weeks, you’ll be dating 30 guys at once. Next was Jade, who was really hurt by one of Chris’ blogs. Not for his bad writing like the rest of us, but because he said he was ‘disturbed’ by Jade’s family calling her a ‘wild mustang’. He explained that that’s not reaaally what he meant, that he just sux at expressing himself with words, he tends to stick to expressing things with his tongue.

And Now For Some WTA Awards

Ashley Iaconetti on the women tell all episode of the bachelor

I’ve never been a bigger fan of Ashley

Best Part of the Show – The bloopers, obviously. They’re always the best part, and never long enough.

Best ‘I don’t believe you’ look – Ashley I killed it with this during both Kelsey and Britt’s time on stage.


Most Irrelevant Person to talk the most – Every season, there’s one girl who you didn’t see all season, but thinks they deserve an opinion on the WTA, this year that was Trina.

Jade Roper at the women tell all episode of the bachelor

Even Carly thinks Jade looks great

Best Dressed – Jordan, Jade,  and Carly. Jordan rocked a beautiful  lace number. Jade’s dress was a simple, gorgeous red bodycon that fit her flawlessly. Carly’s sequin frock was great, you can never go wrong with sequins.

Most Unimpressed – Chris Harrison, he looked like he hated every second of this except when he got to bro down with the other Chris.

Can you believe that next week is already the finale? Until then, follow me on twitter, @hstrong_, and make sure to check out our special WTA Podcast with special guest @melgotserved!




2 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Women Talk Over Each Other

  1. Sunday Spa Day says:

    How awk was that hug Britt gave Chris? Too much. And then I love that Chris was like, “It wasn’t what Carly said.” And I kept yelling at Black Bar to shut up. Chris H. put it best, “Calm down. You’re jacked up.” Exactly.

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