This is the fourth post in my Reality TV series over at rehaleyty.wordpress.com

As we talked about last week, I love me a good cooking show. What really has my heart in this genre is the competition show. The cooking competition shows combine my love of food and reality game shows.working your dream job since '06

A friend told me to watch Chopped, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Hey, a competition show is the reason why we have Guy Fieri in our lives – he won the second season of theNext Food Network Star. I find these shows just so deeply compelling. The creativity that comes out of the chefs of all different levels (Worst Cooks in America, anyone?) always astounds me, and I find myself thinking about what I would do if I was given one of the infamous Chopped mystery baskets.

The original Iron Chef

The first of these shows hit North American televisions in 1999 when the Food Networkdecided to adapt a Japanese show for their network. Ironchef was born. This show completely blew away the ratings for the most popular show on the network at this time, Emeril Live. This spawned a whole bunch of other cooking competition shows that we know and love.

The cooking competition shows that I can’t get enough of these days are Masterchef Junior (which I wrote more about here) and Cutthroat Kitchen. I could watch Alton Brown dole out sabotages for hours and hours on end. And I often do.

I love you, Alton Brown


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