The Jays Are Going to Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay

Pitchers and Catchers officially reported to Spring Training just last week, but the Jays are already looking for a Michael Saunders-sized hole left in the outfield. The 28-year-old Canadian left fielder will be out until July, due to a torn meniscus he sustained in a freak accident, because of course he did.

Saunders felt a pop in his knee while shagging fly balls in the outfield after stepping on a soft spot of grass around a sprinkler. Just like that, we won’t be seeing our first string left fielder until sometime around the All-Star break.

Let’s not panic too soon, my fellow Blue Jays fans, we still have a lot to look forward to this season. This hole in the outfield might give a chance for another beloved Canadian, Dalton Pompey, to really impress with the big club. Let’s not forget the Jays now have one of the best third basemen in the entire league on their roster. Plus the addition of Russell Martin’s defensive and offensive abilities are nothing to shake a baseball bat at.

Plus, how could you not be excited about the season when you have this to look forward to?

In case you wanted to see Josh Donaldson take a few swings off of some Mark Buehrle pitches, here you go!

EDIT After a successful surgery today, it looks like Saunders will be out for 5-6 weeks, rather than 5 months like originally thought.


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