The Bachelor – Having a Bali

Can you believe it’s all coming to an end in just a few short weeks? I certainly can’t. As much hell as I give this show, my Monday nights are going to be devoid of meaning very soon.

Get Your Passports

We are finally leaving the country for an episode! Can you believe it? I was starting to feel like America was the only country on earth. The crew heads to the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. I sure got hit with a case of wanderlust this episode, something I’ve been missing this season. Bali is a place that I’ve always wanted to visit, as with the rest of South East Asia. Enough about me, let’s get on to the dates.

Chris Soules and Kaitlyn Bristowe on their final date on The Bachelor

Finally, someone Chris can hold a conversation with

Monkeying Around

The first date was with our girl Kaitlyn. Their relationship continues to blow me away because I just keep thinking how much cooler she is than him. Their date includes the usual walking around town, exploring. AKA my kind of travel date. They then hit up a monkey sanctuary where Chris got peed on. At dinner, they admit they are falling in love with each other. Kaitlyn accepts the invitation to the fantasy suite, where there is a bath tub with the entire Indonesian supply of roses adorning the water.

the bachelor date with chris soules and whitney bischoff

‘If I see one more Titantic re-enactment, I quit’

Boat Metaphors and Hoes

The second date was with Whitney. They went sailing on the Indian Ocean, which I am supremely jealous of. It looked awesome. Whit is definitely the front runner in my mind. Her and Chris chat about how her hometown date kind of went awry due to her sane sister. They too head to the fantasy suite.


chris soules reacting to becca tilley's confession on the bachelor

exactly what you want someone’s facial expression to be after a major confession

The Reveal 

The last date was with Becca. She has been struggling with telling Chris about her virginity. If I never hear the word ‘virgin’ again after this season, I would be one happy cat. She manages to tell him after accepting the fantasy suite card and a few ITMs from Chris about being excited to ‘get closer’ during their overnight date. Her confession was met with an interesting response from Chris. Never one for words, he just smiles and nods. It weirds me out that we’re so obsessed with these girls’ virginities. Do you honestly care that much about it? It’s perfectly reasonable to go into the fantasy suite and not engage in sexual intercourse. I mean, did anyone have an issue when Sean didn’t????

kaitlyn bristowe at the final 3 rose ceremony in bali on the bachelor

Your Queen

The Rose Temple Ceremony 

This rose ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful locations possible. With this filming in such a sacred place, there were some rules. No kissing. That’s fine with me, I’ve seen enough of Chris swapping saliva with near-strangers to last a lifetime. He interrupted the rose ceremony to have a quick convo with Becca, because he doesn’t follow rules. They talked about whether or not their relationship was truly moving forward. They return to the ceremony, where Whitney and Becca get roses. Chris says goodbye to Kaitlyn, and she is confused as to why it is her in the van and not one of the other girls.

Kaitlyn For Bachelorette

Seriously, let’s make this happen. She’s spunky, funny, and a breath of fresh air. She would be a great Bachelorette, because she has the personality to be the show’s lead – which can’t be said for anyone else on her cast, including Chris.

Until next week, the WTA, follow me on Twitter, and check out this week’s podcast.


3 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Having a Bali

  1. Sunday Spa Day says:

    Hi Haley! I found the podcast this year by searching on the app store (I remember you guys were wondering how people were coming across it!). You girls are awesome. I listen every week 🙂

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