Survivor: Worlds Apart

survivor1Season 30 you guys, this is so crazy. I can’t believe this show has been around for 30 seasons and 15 years. Neither can anyone that I tell that I still watch Survivor.

In a shocking move, they decided to go with an all-newbie cast instead of what we all expected to be the ultimate all-star cast. I’m cool with this move, we’ve been pretty inundated with partial-returnee seasons, and I’ve been impressed with the last few all-newbie casts. Yes, even on the latest San Juan Del Sur there were a few casting gems. I like seeing the fresh faces, and it will make a future all-stars season even better.

photo from CBS

photo from CBS

The ‘Twists’

This season definitely isn’t as twist-laden as seasons we’ve seen recently, we’re saying goodbye to any kind of ‘island’ twist, but Survivor still has a few things  up its sleeve. The cast is divided into 3 tribes of 6 people, a now-popular format. The 3 tribes always offer much more interesting dynamics than the traditional 2 tribes, and it almost always guarantees a tribe swap at some point , which always plays with social dynamics.

These tribes are made up of 3 distinct type of people: white collar, blue collar, and no collar. These placements are more ‘state of mind’ rather than truly depending on the cast member’s career. In most cases, it fits, but with some people it’s a little sketchy, but I’ll let it slide. It’s another way to try and get a tagline on a season, this one being ‘Worlds Apart’ of course. I think it’s going to be really interesting to see how the different tribes play and whether or not the outcome will be what we expect.

We’re going to see a first day twist similar to Survivor Cagayan. This time, we will see two members of the tribe head to their home beach early, where they’ll have to  make a choice – a hidden idol clue or a larger bag of rice.

Prepare yourself, there will be a lot of pensive beard-stroking from Max

Prepare yourself, there will be a lot of pensive beard-stroking from Max

Wait, Don’t I Know You?

This season has a few familiar faces. The first is Will Sims III, he is a ‘youtube sensation’ who was the centre of a Jay Leno prank. He sang Bon Jovi songs at a gas station or something.

We may not have actually seen So Kim, but the hardcore Survivor superfans have definitely heard her name before. So was cast with her sister on Survivor San Juan Del Sur, but could not compete due to her sister not getting medical clearance. They invited So to come be on the following season.

If you are even slightly involved with the Survivor online community, you know Max Dawson AKA the internet’s princess. Max is best-known for teaching RTVF 330 at Northwestern AKA the Surivor class AKA a class about the reality television industry with Survivor distractions (shout out to my girl Ali for that description). It’s really exciting that Max will play Survivor, he’s representing the superfan, which I think he will do well. You’re going to love him or hate him, there’s no inbetween, but I promise you will be entertained by him.

Careful, Shirin is coming for you

Careful, Shirin is coming for you

The Rest of Them

I have to give kudos to casting this year, because they’ve assembled probably one of the best casts in 30 seasons. It’s going to be a definite improvement from Survivor 29, where there wasn’t too many stand out stars, except for a seldom few people. This cast is going to be a lot of fun. some of the highlights from this cast are Jenn, Rodney, Vince, Tyler, Max, So, and Shirin. The two I’m most excited about are So and Shirin. They are both smart, beautiful women who kind of break the mould of what we expect from Survivor women. Since they’re both on the White Collar tribe, I would LOOOVE to see them work together.

The Winner Pick

I have to go with Shirin. Maybe I’m being blinded my crush, but I think she has the right mix of smart, social, and under-the-radar to make it to the end.

As always, I will be live-tweeting Survivor here,
and of course my weekly Snackchat competition will be back!



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