The NYX Haul

If you’ve ever gotten a beauty box, or have ever read one of those ‘beauty dupes’ blog posts that come up on pinterest pretty well every day, you’ve probably heard of NYX. If you haven’t heard of them, let me fill you in. NYX is low-cost brand with pretty high quality for the price. I had gotten a few products in beauty boxes, and when the line finally came to Target Canada (rest in peace, I will always love you) it became my go-to brand for when I wanted to get a little trendy with my make-up. Over time, I’ve managed to collect quite a few NYX products, especially thanks to the Target Canada closing sale (PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME, TARGET. I LOVE YOU). I’ll show you which ones I have, and what products are my favourite.



I bought the Stay Matte but Not Flat in creamy natural on a whim after being dissatisfied with the fact that my current foundation no longer matched my ghostly pale winter face. It has nice coverage. I got the Photo-Loving Primer for Christmas. I chose it because it was on sale instead of my prior primer, Maybelline’s Baby Skin. At first I wasn’t a huge fan because it was a little watery, but after a few uses I fell in love. I also got the Matte Finish Spray in my stocking, and only recently started using it. Doubtful that it would keep my usual shine to a minimum, I was super impressed when it did just that.


DSC01516I received the Cream Blush in Golden in a beauty box at some point. TBH, I can’t remember which one. SORRY Y’ALL. I wasn’t in love with it when I got it, it just wasn’t a great colour of blush for me. I turned to using it as a contour agent in the winter, since my usual bronzer doesn’t look supes natch in the dead of February. The Stick Blush in Magnolia was one of my pick-ups in the Target blow-out. I much prefer stick blushes, and I’ve had my other one for waaay too long. This colour works much better for me as a blush.



DSC01521I was sent both the Love in Rio palette in En Fuego and the Single Eyeshadow in Nutmeg in beauty boxes. I love the Love in Rio palette, purple is a good colour with my eye colouring. I’ve barely used the eye shadow single. Not because I don’t like the colour, but because I kind of forgot I even owned it. I bought the Slide On Pencil in Purple Haze and the Slim Eye Pencil in White in the big Target acquisition of 2015. The purple is a trendier colour that I thought I needed to own, I was right, this pencil is super smooth and a good level of pigmented. The white pencil was not as smooth, but I’m not going to use it to fully line my eyes.



DSC01519I was in the market for a dark lip colour, because they are hella in this season. I picked up the Butter Gloss in Devil’s Food Cake to serve this purpose. It smells and tastes delicious, but it’s not the most long-lasting of lip wear. But like, I think that’s just a gloss thing. I bought the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo to wear to a the Icewine Gala. I love love loved it so much that I bought it in Addis Ababa and Morocco too. It’s so smooth and it’s long-lasting and the pigment is just what I wanted. I would buy every colour if my budget allowed.

DSC01520That’s it, that’s all! What are your fav NYX products?


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