The V-Day Gift Guide

I know a lot of people hate Valentine’s Day because it’s a ‘consumerist holiday’ and it puts ‘unrealistic expectations on people’ and ‘I’m lonely’, BUT GET OUTTA HERE NEGATIVE NANCEYS. I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY. I love love, and eating candy, and reds and pinks are good colours on me. Just like every other blogger who dabbles in ‘style’ blogging, I whipped up a little gift guide for you in case you’re stuck in what to get for your significant other/bff/yourself.

v day - for him

Listen, you probably tolerate your guy, or even like him! Show him your affection through buying things instead of through emotions or physical touch. Here are a few things you can pick up for your BF/Crush/That guy you haven’t broken up with yet.

1. Tickets – tickets for a sports game or some sort of performance are great because it’s something you can do together AKA it’s a present for you too.

2. Inniskillin Merlot – A great bottle of wine is something you can share together over a great dinner. Are you sensing a theme?

3. Plaid Shirt – Okay this one is just for him. A solid plaid can be dressed up or dressed down. Make sure it isn’t too similar to a plaid you own, because you don’t want to accidentally match. Take it from me.

4. Whisky Stones – These are a nice touch for any guy who loves his whisky strong and cold. Or just likes cold beverages in general.

5. Watch – For this kind of gift, you have to really love your significant other. The black on black on black is hella stylish.

v day - bff

There’s no reason you shouldn’t show your best friend some love this valentine’s day. Why not celebrate Galentine’s day and treat your best girlfraaan to one of these.

1. Megalomaniac Narcissist Riesling  – Hey, it’s perfect for sharing with your BFF as well!

2. Chipotle Burrito – Who doesn’t love a burrito. What a fun experience to share with your friends!

3. Peach Bellini Candle – This candle from Bath and Body Works smells divineeeeee.

4. Yes Please – This book is hilarious, and perfect to chat about with your friends. Conveniently enough, I reviewed it here!

5. Yoga Mat – Grab a yoga mat for your bff and head to the closest hot yoga class. Or, just lay on the ground on said yoga mat instead.

v day - for you

This Valentine’s day, give yourself the gift of one day without any self-doubt. And some other gifts of course. I mean, who is more important than you, amiright? Why not treat yourself this valentine’s day. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

1. Yoga Pants – Because real pants are too constricting. Just go ahead and buy those yoga pants you’ve been lusting over.

2. Bag – Ohhh boy, this bag is gorge. Wouldn’t it look stellar in your arm nook?

3. Lipstick – This beautiful colour will look fantastic on anyone, especially you.

4. Nail Polish – Essie Polish in Pink Glove Service is the perfect way to subtly show off your v-day spirit.

5. Small Talk’s Sauvignon Blanc – Okay, so like, wine is perfect for everyone on your wish list. You don’t have to share this Niagara VQA if you don’t want to.

I hope this will give you a few good ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. Feel the love!!




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