Just Peachy

Nothing complements an evening with the girls like a bottle of wine, except maybe a really great sangria. I’m a big sangria fan because I love when there is snacks in my beverages. It’s like a two-for-one deal. What more could you ask for? Plus with all that fruit, it’s definitely a healthy option. So this is actually a three-for-one. It just keeps getting better.

Anyway, you’re here for my homemade peach sangria recipe, don’t worry I’m getting there. Now, I’m no sangria aficionado, nor did I consult any sort of recipe for this. I just kind of threw things that taste good into a jug and hoped they tasted good together.

Here is what I used:


1 bottle of white wine (this was an unwanted bottle of wine left at a friend’s house by her sister and it was given to me. I’m not picky. Don’t judge me)


2 1/2 shots of peach schnapps (okay so I tested the schnapps, but didn’t want the whole shot, so that’s what the half is about)


Peach Mango juice (this also has vegetables listed in the ingredients so I’m basically making a salad at this point)



– Assorted frozen fruit (you could pretty much use any frozen fruit you want. Since it is peach sangria, I would recommend something with peaches, but like, you do you, man.)


Find a decanter or a ewer if you’re into crossword puzzles and rinse it, because it’s probably been in your mother’s cupboard in the sunroom for like, a solid year. Then collect all your ingredients and photograph them for your blog.

Then pour the bottle of wine into the aforementioned decanter.


Make sure you pour yourself a glass beforehand as to test the wine.


Then add in your schnapps. Make sure you use your Alma Mater’s shot glass given to you during your frosh week 5 years ago for the full effect.


It’s juicing time! No! Not steroids! This isn’t the Jersey Shore!! Throw in enough juice to negate the taste of the wine. Add more juice if your wine was less than $8.


This is the time for you to add in a splash of that 7-up for some texture or whatever.


Then you add in your fruit!





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