The ‘Burgh

Pittsburgh has long been one of my favourite cities in the USA. I visited once back in high school, and I’ve been wanting to get back ever since. I finally had my opportunity. My father won tickets to a Penguins game at a golf tournament this summer, and this was finally the weekend of the game.

We got into Pittsburgh in the evening, which made for a really beautiful night time skyline. After dinner at the nearby SoHo restaurant on the the North Shore, my travel buddy and I took a stroll around PNC Park and along the water front.



I really love baseball stadiums, so I was thrilled to have our hotel so close to my beloved Pirates’ playing field. Not only was it close, we could see the park right out our hotel window. DREAMS DO COME TRUE.


The next day we went for another walk across one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges in order to get a different view of the park.






We also found an open gate, so we took our own mini-tour of the park. We thought we were sneaking in, but we kind of figured out later that they left the back gates open for people to wander through the park.




It was then time to head to the game. The Penguins were facing off against the Rangers in the first NHL game I had been to in years.





The Penguins suffered a crushing lost, 5-2, at the hands of the Rangers, but it was still a fun game regardless.

This visit to the Steel City reminded me why Pittsburgh has my heart, and I can’t wait to make a return trip in the summer to watch some baseball.


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