The Bachelor – Tractors and Hoes

With last night’s episode, we finally have got ourselves into the rhythm of the regular Bachelor episodes. You know, the drinking, crying, and all obsessing over the same guy who is from IOWA.

She`s Back

Last week, after Chris sent Kim home, she was having none of that and told Chris that she wanted an actual chance. So he told her she could stay.

Country in the City

I get it ABC, you think you’re just hilarious with your puns that managed to make it through censorship. The first group date consisted of a pool party and the women gallivanting around LA in their bikinis before hopping on some tractors for a race. I don’t remember who won, it’s irrelevant. Ashley I got some one-on-one time with Chris and thought she would be a lock to get the private date later on in the day. Instead, that ‘honour’ went to Mackenzie, where she filled him in on the fact that she has a kid and that she’s insane. But you know what they say on this show, crazy gets the rose.

Breaking and Entering

Chris Harrison made the mistake of announcing to the women that Bachelor Chris was living juuuust down the driveway. Jillian and Megan took it into their own hands to check out his digs. They snuck down and found the door unlocked (side note chris; bad idea when you’re dealing with that much crazy). They rifled around in his stuff and banged their heads off the walls before heading bag to their own humble abode.

Well, Dam

The first one-on-one date went to Mensa candidate, Megan. They took a helicopter to the Grand Canyon where Megan told Chris some sad stories. It’s so hard to make fun of these people when they have such depressing histories. NEXT.

The Night of the Living Insane

The second group date consisted of a few scares. Courtesy of the zombies and Ashley S’s ramblings. This was actually a cool, creative date for once, with the women playing paintball against some zombies. Kaitlyn grew on me even more and got the rose, Britt cried or something, and Ashley S crashed Chris’ ITM and made no sense whatsoever.

The Rose Ceremony

This was a very drunken ceremony from a few of the girls, namely Jordan, who we said goodbye to along with Kim (again), Tara, and Alissa.

Next week on the Bachelor, someone who is intentionally funny for once. Until then, follow me on twitter, and check out the podcast.



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